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How to Dress Chic in the Office During Lazy Days

How to Dress Chic in the Office During Lazy Days

Picking an outfit may not be the best moments anyone experiences every day. And I am guilty of that. I tend to spend most of the mornings rummaging through my closet and ending up still nothing to wear but my frown. Believe me, not the […]

Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer:  Is it worth it?

Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer: Is it worth it?

Did you ever get the feeling of excitement when a makeup product you’ve been eyeing for so long suddenly becomes at your reach? I did. A bunch of times and this one was not an exemption. Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Primer had been in my […]

Mud Mask Straight From The Dead Sea

Mud Mask Straight From The Dead Sea

Aside from my obsession with body butter and hand creams, I also give a fair amount of love for face masks. I have a few collection of sheet masks (to be exact) from Olay, Innisfree and Etude House for the time being. But I’m starting to shy away from them because I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Don’t get me wrong, these brands have amazing sheet masks (and quite affordable, too) but I believe I can save up a lot if they’re not on sheets (wait, what?).

As someone who has never used masks that is not in sheet form, I was pretty excited to finally try one and the fact that this one came from the dead sea got me even more riled up. Although, I got a little skeptical about how my skin would react to it since I do have such sensitive skin. It could either go completely great or completely bad. And I was hoping so hard that it’s not the latter part.

This mask is 100% natural containing more than 27 natural minerals and vitamins plus Aloe Vera, so there’s no doubt that my skin will benefit a lot.

When I first opened the package and poured it into a container, it looked (not gonna lie) kinda gross. Swiping a small amount on my face, I noticed that it goes a long way. So, this pack can pretty much last you a month or more, depending on how many times you will use it.

It doesn’t have a very pleasant smell for some obvious reasons (it’s mud, guys.) and it did feel tingly or itchy on the face and the feeling heightens as the mask dried out. But I did feel that my face was glowing and that it minimized my pores (which is a struggle for me). It gives your face more moisture and it definitely works for someone with oily skin.

Overall, I’m liking it a lot and so far, it’s been my go-to face mask.

So, what mud masks would you recommend?

mud mask

Self-Love on  a Lazy Weekend

Self-Love on a Lazy Weekend

Ever since I started my new job, I feel like I’m always drained to the core. I usually get up really early for work and get back quite late that it’s been impossible to do anything but sleep. So, weekends are the only days I […]

A Book Review on Everyday by David Levithan

A Book Review on Everyday by David Levithan

Everyday a different body. Every day a different life. Every day in love with the same girl. There’s never any warning about where it will be or who it will be. A has made peace with that, even established guidelines by which to live: Never […]

Travelogue: Universal Studios, Singapore

Travelogue: Universal Studios, Singapore

When I first learned that we’ll be visiting Universal Studios, I got really excited. Pete knows how much of a sucker I and my brothers are for theme parks. It’s basically our favourite kind of park. So, I packed a really comfy outfit (because I know I’ll be wandering a lot) and brought a sling bag. And during our trip, my camera was on, capturing every nook and cranny, and filming the entire time.  It was pretty tricky but I was able to manage and balance between being a full-time photographer to a model (lol).

The line at the studio was crazy. It seemed like everyone had the same plans as we did. And despite the fact that we came minutes before the studio was about to open, we were still last in line. In addition to that, the weather wasn’t on our side. It was already drizzling when we came and it rained heavily when we got inside.

Talk about luck, huh? So, we spent the first hour under the sheds to stay dry. We even bought plastic raincoats to be able to wander around. I remember just looking sadly at the huge roller coaster right in front of us and wishing it would stop raining.

Unfortunately, some of the outdoor rides remained closed during our stay. It was heartbreaking especially the fact that queues for the indoor rides were crazy long. I practically wasted hours just falling in line.universal studios

universal studios

universal studios

Even though I wasn’t able to ride almost anything, I still enjoyed taking pictures of the amazing, colourful structures inside. It actually felt like we were celebrating something because of how festive it was there. We even had the chance to see the minions live in action on stage, performing.

But what I truly enjoyed was seeing a castle for the first time. It may be Shrek and Fiona’s but still a castle nonetheless. It was so pretty and magical. The walk to the village made me feel like I was one of the townspeople. And again, the castle was breathtaking (for me though).

And of course, we checked out what’s inside. Inside the castle, we met Pinocchio and the pigs (who were all trapped in a box). Everyone was asked to watch their little skit before instructed to go inside the theater. Turns out, there was a short 3D film where the seats move and something from the inside sprays us with water. It was good, childish but good.

If I remember it correctly, I only had the chance to ride four rides and the rest was just filming and staying dry. But I still had a lot of fun. And I would definitely visit the place again.
universal studios
universal studiosuniversal studios

universal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studios

universal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studiosuniversal studios

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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Even Thousand Miles Apart

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Even Thousand Miles Apart

VALENTINE’S DAY IS JUST ONE OF THE many important days in a year that I dread ever since I started long distance relationship (with the most amazing guy I’ve ever dated). Why? Because I know that I won’t be one of the many people who’ll be celebrating it with their partner by their side. But that doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate it with style.

Yes, it takes a lot of creativity and patience to actually come up with something special for this day especially when your time zones are completely way off.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t do what couples who are physically together do.

It’s such a special way of showing how much you appreciate and love a person when you do something out of the ordinary or putting a lot of effort into something for them. My beau has always been a lover of music and instruments, and ever since we’ve met, he’s been writing songs and poems for me.

I remember the first time we celebrated Valentine’s away from each other, he called me up first thing in the morning. He just started strumming his guitar and singing songs that (according to him) reminds him of me. I was completely swept away by the gesture. It was sweet, romantic and intimate. And I know it is something that I won’t see on the store front and that what made it even more special.

Below is the list that is simple yet sweet things (that actually worked) that you can do this Valentine’s for that partner of yours who is a thousand miles away. I promise it doesn’t require money. Just you and your sincerity are enough.


valentine's day

… Because this is the end game of all endgames. There is nothing more romantic and special than having someone you love write the things he/she loves about you and make it into a work of art. You don’t have to be a professional to express your love and adoration through music or literature because it’s the heart that talks and not the brain.


… Because who said singing is only for Karaoke? Just because you can’t write a song doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to sing. Sing to him/ her all her favourite love songs and he/she will be all over you in no time.


valentine's day

… Because who said dinner dates can’t be done using the power of technology (and internet)? Put on your best dress/suit, set that table, put some flowers and candles, bring on the chicken and prop that laptop on the table, and VOILA! a date courtesy of Skype. Not only is it unique but also innovative.


… Because no one can resist the power of music. It would be utterly thoughtful and sweet if you make your partner a list of songs that remind you of him/her. Or the relationship you two have. I’m currently in the process of putting all together the songs that speak what my heart feels and the journey we had all throughout our relationship. One of the songs I recommend that you consider is Rachel Platten’s Better Place.


valentine's day

… Because nothing beats a good tear-jerking letter from someone you love. This is one of the favourite things my beau and I do for each other all the time. It is sweet and simple, and can totally hit home. It doesn’t need to be long, a short letter that says how much you love them and how lucky they make you feel are more than enough.


… Because who said you can’t be sexy for your partner from the other side of the world. I’m pretty sure it would make some of you blush that I actually wrote this. But let’s be honest, it’s necessary.

I don’t need to get into detail how you guys can do this.  But let me tell you, this is your cherry on top. And yes, I consider this sweet because it takes a lot of effort to pull this off.

There are a lot of things that you can show and make that your partner feel the love even from the other side of the world. Remember that it’s always the thought that counts but most especially, it’s the person that makes it even more special.

valentine's day

You don’t need to be near to your loved one to show that you love and adore them. As much as it sucks, keep in mind that Distance never separates two people who are truly in love Click To Tweet.

I hope I gave you guys good ideas and I would totally love to hear your thoughts about this.

 Happy Valentine’s Day loves!


anne wonders