A Christmas Gift Guide: For Those On A Budget

A Christmas Gift Guide: For Those On A Budget

I’ve got to admit that Christmas is slowly getting kicked off of its title as my favourite Holiday ever. Just the idea of starting my own Christmas shopping (adulthood, yay!) is just way too much of hassle for me. When I was still in school, giving gifts was the least of my problems. It’s usually my parents and relatives who make the effort to buy every single one in the family something special during holidays. But since I’m earning my own money now, people are most likely expecting something from me. And it’s not really a bad thing. Or maybe it is especially for someone who is in a place where everything is new and being wise on money is still in progress.

And I actually have this bad habit of not budgeting my own gifts to myself just because I’d like to think that I’m an exemption, so, the tendency is that I don’t have enough budget for other people. So, I thought I’d make my own Christmas Gift Guide that would totally help you (and me) save enough time, money and effort this holiday season. These gift ideas are perfect for your friends and relatives. I actually don’t put any budget on my family’s gifts. Why? Because they’re family.

Lotion || Am I the only person that actually appreciates it when they receive skincare products as holiday gifts? I think it’s one of the best you could ever give someone because it’s really useful. And you really can’t go wrong with lotion especially that winter or cold weather is upon us, these babies could really be a lifesaver. PLUS, almost every skincare brands are on sale so, it’s a win-win. And how pretty is this packaging?

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Boddess Cream Moisture Rich Body Cream • $15

Socks || I’m not even kidding on this one. I think it’s practical and super nice to have especially if you find some really cute ones like these right here. And pretty affordable, too, and your friends/family can wear them anytime.

Bird & Stripe No Show Sock Set • LOFT • $9.50


Star & Plaid No Show Sock Set • LOFT • $9.50

Painting || It’s really nice to actually shy away from the usual gift list like mugs or blankets. They can be really nice gifts for friends/family who are into art or loves wall decors. I know I’d be happy to receive one.

hand painted flowers_1D Art Print • Minted • $25

Planner || I mean what adult doesn’t want one, right? If you had given me one when I was a teen, I’d probably throw this back to you. But as a working adult, this can be a lifesaver too. And planners are no longer boring and plain, so, they can be really nice gifts or giveaways to coworkers.

Kate Spade New York Party Planning Book – Metallic • Kate Spade • $20

Anthropologie 52 Lists for Happiness Journal • Anthropologie • $16.95

Mugs/Tumblers || Oh my gosh. This is one thing almost all of us are guilty of using as default gifts. I remember receiving tons of these when I was in school because they’re super affordable. And c’mon, what kind of decent gift could you get as a middle school kid for 10 bucks that doesn’t require too much effort?

But you know, things have changed and gifts like these are really nice to have now. And they’ve really upped their game with the witty phrases in front or just those cute designs that you can really show off on Instagram. And honestly speaking, they would never go out of style. They’re practically the safest bet when you’re having that internal battle when you get so overwhelmed with gift ideas. And you could just find them anywhere.

Ban.do ‘But First Coffee’ Thermal Travel Mug • $18

Slant Collections I Said Yes Tumbler • $16

Anthropologie Night Sky Mug • Anthropologie • $9.80

Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow Elephant Tea Mug • Urban Outfitters • $16

Plaid Alphabet Mug • Pottery Barn • $5.50

American Atelier Moscow Mule Mug • American Atelier • $12


Any gift ideas you want to share that saves a lot of money?

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  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    It’s always great to have a cheaper options for gifts b/c not everyone can afford the expensive gifts. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁!

  • Britney Webb

    Some of these gifts are super great ideas! I personally wouldn’t want them all but that is why there are different people for different things. I love the idea of planning a gift budget because I do the SAME THING! I love anthropologie stuff, its so unique, and the kate spade planner… yep – need it now.

    • I was thinking the same thing. And yes! with Anthropologie stuff.

  • Christine Ann Dela Cruz

    These are some great gift guide for Christmas. and I really like the most is this Kate Spade New York Party Planning Book looks so cute. Such a great lists.

  • Tiffany Yong

    A friend suggested to trade Christmas gifts instead of buying, and I thought that’s a pretty good idea. I hate it when people buy me gifts that I don’t need and find it a waste too when I don’t have any use for them~

    • yes! we did that in our Christmas party. We were tasked to make our wish list to help the one that got us what gift to get us. I got what I really wanted 🙂

  • Ellie Plummer

    I love all of these ideas. The elephant mug is actually already on my Christmas list but I may add a couple of other things from this post.

    • Omg, I love that elephant mug. Really my fave from all the mugs 🙂

  • I am loving that 52 list for happiness book! I have seen it everywhere and have been lusting over it! Loving these alphabet mugs too!

  • Taylor Smart

    that elephant mug is so cute! i need it! totally adding that to my Christmas list this year!

  • Gluten-Free Spirited

    These are great gifts! I enjoy getting cozy socks or pairs with cute designs. I really like the planners. Sometimes simple gifts are the ones.

    • true especially when you’re getting older. When I was a teen, I didn’t give a care with a planner or socks but now, I want ’em all 🙂

  • Ariel Huffaker

    These are all great gifts! I always love planning books, even though I never use them even though I should. I love the mugs, they are too cute!

  • Socks, socks, socks! I can’t get enough of them haha! Love the style you’ve chosen.
    The planning book also looks great!

  • That 52 Lists for Happiness and those Night Sky mugs are cute. Great list. Love the socks, too.

  • I love all of these items – great collection, the planning books are fantastic but that little elephant mug? Thats adorable!!

  • Jessica Renfer

    This is a fantastic list for those on a budget this Holiday! I especially love the socks and mugs! Both of them are something I always ask for every year!

  • Marie Torro

    Great ideas! I especially love the mugs. Your picks all looked so lovely, it would be something the recipient of the gift will definitely enjoy.

  • Agnes Vazhure

    These are such an awesome Christmas gift guide. I really like to have a Journal book and this Planning book. and I bet that my cousin will love this too. Gonna check this out.

  • Cia Black

    What a unique gift list for budgeters. This would be great for doing secret santa as there is usually a limit as to what you can spend.

  • Claire

    Oooh I love those notebooks! I’m all about the notepads, that’s for sure! I would certainly be happy to receive any of these 🙂

  • Maria Miguel Zamith

    These mugs are so cute! I actually have a few under my eye for my christmas wishlist!

  • Michelle Leslie

    Okay confession time. I seriously thought I had enough mugs to last me a lifetime and then I saw the Anthropologie Night Sky mug and that gorgeous Moscow Mule mug. And I want them sooooo badly. They’re beautiful

    • Me too! I would love to get my hands on ’em.

  • Monika Pawlak

    Love all your suggestions, especially the coffee mugs and cosy socks 🙂

  • Alicia Taylor

    I am in love with the coffee mugs. I especially adore the elephant one. It just so cute.

  • Kendra Wilson

    These are some great ideas. I especially like the Hoola body cream. I don’t have any gift ideas that save money because I am normally looking for them myself!

  • Jodi Major

    Definitely handmade gifts. They may sound like elementary school all over again, but who doesn’t love a picture in a hand painted frame or a picture ornament? Easy and inexpensive

    • omg, so true! I would highly appreciate those kind of gifts,

  • Sandra Juriga

    I want a planner so badly again. It used to be all i relied on! I’m hoping to find one under the tree!

  • Komal Patel

    I would be happy with any of the first on this list. I especially like the journal!

  • I am not a socks person (maybe because I have received too many pairs for Christmas?) so I would go for a cute, different mug as a gift. The elephant one is so cute!

  • These are such great ideas. I do love receiving a nice lotion I may not purchase for myself. Journals are also
    a wonderful thing to give. Happy Holidays!

  • Great fit guide. I really like that Minted art piece and the various Mug options! 🙂

    While I don’t celebrate Christmas, I believe in giving Cash as gift to friends and family. I have never had anyone be unhappy with that. Y’know what I mean? 😉

    ❥ tanvii.com

    • Finally, someone who likes art pieces too! And true, anything is appreciated, especially money. I think thats pretty practical. Instead of buying something that that person would never use, why not just let them buy their own, right? 🙂