Mud Mask Straight From The Dead Sea

Mud Mask Straight From The Dead Sea

Aside from my obsession with body butter and hand creams, I also give a fair amount of love for face masks. I have a few collection of sheet masks (to be exact) from Olay, Innisfree and Etude HouseΒ for the time being. But I’m starting to shy away from them because I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Don’t get me wrong, these brands have amazing sheet masks (and quite affordable, too) but I believe I can save up a lot if they’re not on sheets (wait, what?).

As someone who has never used masks that is not in sheet form, I was pretty excited to finally try one and the fact that this one came from the dead sea got me even more riled up. Although, I got a little skeptical about how my skin would react to it since I do have such sensitive skin. It could either go completely great or completely bad. And I was hoping so hard that it’s not the latter part.

This mask is 100% natural containing more than 27 natural minerals and vitamins plus Aloe Vera, so there’s no doubt that my skin will benefit a lot.

When I first opened the package and poured it into a container, it looked (not gonna lie) kinda gross. Swiping a small amount on my face, I noticed that it goes a long way. So, this pack can pretty much last you a month or more, depending on how many times you will use it.

It doesn’t have a very pleasant smell for some obvious reasons (it’s mud, guys.) and it did feel tingly or itchy on the face and the feeling heightens as the mask dried out. But I did feel that my face was glowing and that it minimized my pores (which is a struggle for me). It gives your face more moisture and it definitely works for someone with oily skin.

Overall, I’m liking it a lot and so far, it’s been my go-to face mask.

So, what mud masks would you recommend?

mud mask

  • 🍁SophieπŸ‚πŸŽƒ

    Love the photo – looks so happy πŸ˜€ I never tried a MUD mask only a clay mask so I’ll be on the look out for some I think

  • Christine Ann Dela Cruz

    That mud mask looks quite interesting. I really love any facial masks and this brand catch my attention. I will check this out.

    commenting for CANDY RACHELLE

  • This looks like fun! We love having spa days with earthy products. My girls are quite the little beauty queens. Mud masks are fun to put on too!

    • Awww, that’s just so cute 😊 This is perfect for you and your girls. It’s 100% natural so you have nothing to worry about getting their baby skin.

  • Shubhada Bhide

    This black mud dead sea looks so interesting. I’ve been using other brand of mud mask but I am planning to switch and it’s catch my attention. I will definitely try this one.

    • I was hesitant to try at first especially when my face started to itch a little but it sure was worth it 😊 I’m checking out other products as well.

  • Kimberly Johns

    I prefer mud over clay masks. Have you tried the shea moisture masks?

    • I haven’t tried a shea moisture masks. Do you have a particular brand you recommend ? I would love to check it out.

  • Hanna

    This looks so great! I make my own with Bentonite Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar and Essential Oils!

    • Wow, that’s interesting. I love DIY masks. Actually anything DIY. I recently posted a blog post about a DIY lip scrub and so far, I’m loving the feeling of being able to create my own beauty products without breaking the budget.

  • This sounds great, I keep getting frustrated as I am seeing a lot of beautiful products being reviewed but for dry skin.My skin is super oily so its nice to read about a product I can try πŸ™‚

    • Omg! Me too! I’ve been really feeling left out, too. I mean, give us (oily-skinned) some love too 😭 This is why I’m trying my best to really focus on beauty products that can help people with skin types like us coz I know how difficult it is to actually relate to someone.

  • Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    I actually love the mud mask and at first you find some sensation but after washing it is so refreshing and with a clear skin.

    • Definitely. And applying masks twice a week or more really helps our skin rejuvenate and relax from all the makeup and pollution.

  • Medha Verma Bector

    Apart from using the actual mud from the Dead Sea I also bought a bunch of such Dead Sea facial mud masks, they’re so amazing aren’t they ?

  • Zee MK Akbar

    Sounds amazing. I haven’t tried a mud mask yet

    • Oh, you should. It’ll help your skin relax and have that natural glow.

  • Sandra Jardim Lopes

    I personally don’t enjoy sheet masks, prefer you basic face mask the you spread straight onto your face. This one from Dead Sea Pearls that you reviewing sound right up my ally and interest me.

    • Me too! I feel like I get my money’s worth when I’m using those masks that you “spread”.

  • I love mud masks I’m willing to try this one πŸ™‚

  • Gluten-Free Spirited

    I love mud masks! My favorite one is from Pixi. I really like one from Hey Honey! that I got from ipsy & one from Formula 10.0.06. I also have one from Dirty Works hat I haven’t tried yet. I feel like sheet masks are too big for my face & it’s a waste. This one sounds interesting since you have to mix it first, but I’d like to try it.

  • Thena Reading-Franssen

    This looks like so much fun. I’ve never done a mud mask, but I have friends that do and love them. Looks like I may need to give it a try!

    • Mud masks are great. Practically oozing with natural benefits for skin.

  • Jacinta Grand

    Facial masks are so great for maintaining great skin! My favorite DIY solution for my face is a brown sugar and honey scrub.

    • Oooh. That’s sounds great. Anything with honey is great πŸ˜‚ I used to apply egg whites all over my face as mask.

  • I have never used dead sea musk but then again, I never got enough info.Thanks so much for sharing.I`m not a savvy online shoppe, do you think it`s possible to purchase in locl beauty shops?

    • Of course. You can purchase any mask that you like if this one is not available in your country 😊 But it’s important that you buy the natural ones so you’re really getting all the right benefits for your skin.

  • I am a big fan of masks and this sounds amazing. I have not tried a mud mask in a while – I will check this out.


  • Michelle Leslie

    I just love that first photo πŸ˜€ You look so cool. Mud masks are my fav, it just feels like they really clean deep. I’d be very keen to try this one

    • This is my first time to try mud mask and boy oh boy how I wish I started a long time ago πŸ˜‚

  • Cia Black

    SO out of all the face mask you have which would your say is your all time favorite one ? I don’t know if I could put something on my face that doesn’t smell pleasant so props to you on being able to do that.

    • Definitely this one. I like anything natural. And with the smell, it’s tolerable actually. It fades away quickly so you have nothing to worry about 😊

  • raji Nagarajan

    I havent tried mud mask. but it seems very beneficial. Will look for them next time in shopping. What are sheet masks?

    • I hope you find one 😊 And sheet masks are the ones you usually see in beauty counters or malls. They are actually masks that you put on your face and have it sit for like 10 minutes. A pack usually has one mask.

  • AbsolutelyRenee NYC

    Love anything from the dead sea. I love this.

  • Chelsea Moore

    I’ve never tried and mud mask before, but I love that this is all natural so I might have to try it now.

  • Ania Ropel-Sewielska

    I don’t often use face masks but I have two favourite ones, one is a gold mask and the other is quite similar to yours, but instead of mud, there’s kaolin clay which is also very rich in mico and macoelements and has strong detoxifying and cleansing properties.

    • Oooh. I have to check those out. Any particular brand that you recommend ?

  • Elizabeth Uchealor

    I love Facial masks and perhaps all things that help me maintain my skin, so I say way to go.

  • Moumita Mallick

    πŸ™‚ it’s looking so fun

  • Amber Parker

    dermal therapist here i would highy recommend the ASAP aha bha mask it is amazing my fav to do at home and in clinic treatment. Great pre microderma brasion mask

  • aww when you said straight from the dead sea I thought you scooped some and brought it home with you! X-D Still looks so refreshing!

    • Hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I knew someone would think that way. Lol.

  • Ada Raven

    Very nice. I don’t think I’ve ever used Dead Sea mud before. My personal favorite is bentonite clay. It’s inexpensive and multifunctional.

  • megan beaver

    I love Dead Sea mud. It does wonders for the skin. I love the Glamglow mud masks myself but they are expensive.

    • Well there are other mud masks you can try that won’t break the bank 😊

  • I use dead sea mask. It’s great for your skin

  • Anisa Mkwanazi

    Great review , id love tontry a mask from the Dead Sea. So many great skin benefits