Did you ever get the feeling of excitement when a makeup product you’ve been eyeing for so long suddenly becomes at your reach? I did. A bunch of times and this one was not an exemption. Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Primer had been in my (Makeup) To-buy List for quite some time now.

The fascination started when I was searching for a good primer for oily skin in this beauty website. A lot of people were freaking out on the effectivity of this product and the little curious cat in me says,”I gotta have this”. So, I made it my mission to hunt it down. And it was difficult. Most international makeup brands aren’t available in my country, so, the only option is to go online. But, you can’t really trust everything you see online. Luckily, I went to this bazaar and there were stalls selling authentic makeup products and when I was looking around, BAM! I found it.

What I was really excited about is the promise of 8-hour shine-free face. And we all know that staying matte is the main goal of this lady here.

The bottle is nothing fancy. It reminds of drugstore moisturizers I have lying around here. But unlike those moisturizers, this primer is packed. Usually, when you pinch a bottle like this, a lot of air comes out, likeĀ a bag of chips. But with this primer, nothing much did. So, it’s safe to assume that it can last for weeks (maybe months) depending on how much product you’ll use.

It doesn’t have any weird smell but it sure gives that impression of tackiness on first application. It dries out quickly so you really need to blend it out.

And It sure melts into your skin but it doesn’t entirely minimize pores. I also tried wearing it with and without makeup to test its effectivity. And it worked great on both. My face was mattified but not for 8 hours as it says on the bottle. My t-zone wasn’t shine-free especially my nose despite putting more on it.

Is it worth it? Yeah, it still is but I know that I can do better. I’m pretty sure it can work on combination skin a lot better. It still is worth your buck compared to other drugstore primers so, you can still include this on your to-buy list.

Do you have any primer that is worth checking out?