Updated Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

Updated Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

It was three months ago when I shared my skin care routine for oily skin and the products I was using as recommended by my Dermatologist. The journey was good, slow but good. I have gotten the results I wanted all throughout that treatment. But then I emptied the products and decided it’s time to switch up. I believe the sudden courage came from the fact that my skin is in so much better condition now than months back. The first time I used Pond’s I had a breakout that’s why I shied away from it for years. But then I was looking for an oil-free day cream in a beauty store and found their new Detox cream. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little hesitant to put it in my cart. But I thought to myself that maybe it’s time to give it another shot.




On the first day of using it, I had another breakout. But it didn’t stop me this time. I continued to use it until my skin started clearing out. The biggest difference I have noticed is the blemishes are starting to fade. I had this huge pimple mark on my right cheek that I’ve been trying to get rid of for so long that lightened because of this cream. You could just imagine my amazement when it happened.

I really like that my face is more glowy and that it’s non-oily. Also, after I using it regularly my face doesn’t break out as it used to when I first tried it. And so, I’ve decided to buy some cleansing foam too to really see more differences.

skincare for oily skin


I bought a sachet of this facial foam first because again, I wanted to test how my skin will react to it. Sample packs or sachets really is a big plus when you’re trying out a product for the first time. Anyway, my skin didn’t react badly to this product so I bought a tube and some other facial foams to try.

Honestly, I prefer Pond’s more than the skincare products I used before. Why? Because the results are visible in less than a week. I’m not saying that my previous products were thumbs down. They are in fact effective but they worked slowly than I had expected.

This product really went beyond my expectations and I wished I have used it a little earlier.

How about you, any skin care products you have given a second shot?

  • Girl your skin looks so good I wish mine appeared as one tone. I’ve noticed that I can get extremely oily, especially with makeup (natural ‘glow’ I suppose). I may have to check this out.

    • Must be just the lighting, sweetie. My skin is still in the process of clearing and healing. I think you should try to change your skincare products too. Make sure you’re not going for oil-based products as they add to the problem and then use matte foundations and primers. It works for me.

  • Dieter Hovorka

    You make it easy to read, well done to also showcase photos, this makes it even easier

  • Steffi

    This looks really promising! I wish we had Ponds here in Switzerland, too… Currently, I’m trying to overcome my fear of oils (on my oily skin) by using a natural facial oil in the evenings (when I don’t mind going to bed with shiny skin). I also love peeling pads and tonics with fruit acids or AHAs, they seem to work pretty well for me, too!

    • It sure is. But I know you will find something that works great, too. And me too, It took me years to finally try and include an oil in my routine. I’m currently using sunflower seed but only at night as my skin gets really oily especially on my nose. I might look for those pads and tonics. Just hoping we have those here 🙂

  • Torché Nash

    Thanks for the recommendation! I have oily skin and I have been looking for more products that provide a build up. It’s so hard fining products that actually make the condition better versus making it worse.

    • It sure is! it took me months to find a product that suits my skin. I hope this foundation works for u too 😋