A Purple Eye Look feat. Revolution Beauty Reloaded Palette

It’s official. January has finally left the building. Honestly, it felt as if it was two whole months in one. I just couldn’t wait for it to be over and start creating new makeup looks and blog posts for Valentine’s Day. The moment February I came, I was pumped with so many ideas in my head and one of those is creating a simple makeup look for the V-day which will be in a few weeks from now. I’ve been experimenting a lot and playing with different colours and one of my favourites is purple/violet hues. It looks so pretty in the eyes and at the same time, so glamorous and classy in any way possible.  It honestly blew my mind for a while on how I’d be able to find a drugstore eyeshadow palette with the range of colours I’m leaning to. I’m really glad I came across Revolution Beauty (used to be Makeup Revolution) and was able to enjoy the Reloaded palette in Visionary.

I just can’t contain my excitement to share with you guys one of the many looks I created for the month of LOVE. And yes, using only the Reloaded Palette in Visionary. If you guys are wondering what this palette can do and all that kind of things, I’ll be posting a separate blog post which will be more in-depth with swatches and all.



I just used the lightest warm shade of violet as a base and just blended it all out to give it a nice faded/ombre effect. After that, I packed my entire lid with the darkest, almost mauve violet in the centre column of the palette, blended everything out. And went on to top my entire lid with the two purple shimmers at the bottom (because shimmers make everything so extra!) and just pop on some falsies, and VOILA! you’re done.

This look is so simple and so easy to achieve for beginners and non-beginners. You can definitely wear this even on different occasions.

So, if you guys want to see more of these looks, you can head to my Instagram @xannewndr where I’ll also be posting the full tutorial on how I created this look.

I hope you guys enjoy this and do let me know in the comments what you think about this look.

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