A little over a week ago, my family and I flew to Singapore. It was the most exciting and memorable trip because I’ve never been out of the country before. And this trip is definitely a dream come true for a young traveler at heart like me. I was practically bubbling with joy when I first stepped foot on the airport, taking videos of almost every detail and corner of the building. Who can blame me? I wasn’t there to drop off or pick up someone but for my pleasure.

We landed in Singapore two hours after. The whole flight was great. I didn’t feel scared during the take-off or landing. I just felt like I was in this huge roller coaster cart (with free food and tv).

Changi Airport is beautiful. It screams class (in my opinion). The crews are friendly. It was the first time I was surrounded by a different mix of people and I knew I would come to love the country.



We booked a Grab on our way to the hotel. I love how the country is surrounded by tall trees and how easy it is to travel because of the wide roads. It made me think if they ever experience heavy traffic.

At the hotel, the rooms are pretty small but the view is amazing especially at night. These skyscrapers fill the almost floor-to-ceiling window of our room. And during the night, I let the blinds open and just fall asleep watching the building lights twinkle. It was relaxing.

When we got to our hotel, it was already lunchtime. And since we didn’t have the power in us to wander around and look for more restaurants, we opted to try Founder Bak Kut Teh, which is conveniently located just beside the hotel we’re staying in (Our Hotel is at Jalan Sultan which is conveniently near at the spots we want to visit.).  It actually caught our eyes because of how packed it was inside and the fact that it serves local cuisine.

Everything in the menu was so foreign to us and everyone was trying to look for something a little closer to home. And by that I mean, chicken dishes. But we settled for Crispy Prawn Roll, Braised Egg, Dough Fritters or You Tiao and of course, the main star, Bak Kut Teh. We had to order the Dough Fritters because the waitress said it would go perfectly with the Bak Kut Teh soup. (Bak Kut Teh is a popular pork rib dish among Singaporeans and Malaysians.) It actually reminds me of Nilaga here in the Philippines.

The foods were nothing special for us. I guess we were just really hoping for an “explosion-in-your-mouth” kind of taste. If you know what I mean. If I were to visit Singapore again, I would definitely try these dishes from the other local restaurants instead.


What makes Singapore great is that almost all the tourist spots are right next to each other. Plus, you can visit them conveniently by riding the train or bus.

I am hands down in love with their public transportation, not only is it cheap but it is convenient for when you are in a hurry. If I lived there, I would be glad to not use a car at all. It’s probably because our public transportation here totally sucks.

When we were on our way to go to the train station, we passed by this beautiful mosque. It was as if I was looking at a mini castle. It just stands out in the middle the intersection.


singaporeThe first tourist spot in our itinerary was the famous Gardens By The Bay at Marina Gardens Drive. And it was spectacular. The shuttle ride to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest was amazing. The surroundings are beautiful and you would want to inhale many times because of the breath of fresh air. If it wasn’t too hot for us that time, we would definitely walk or, like some people, rent a bicycle on our way.

But we eventually did walk when we had to go back to the hotel. And I loved every minute of it. Walking was a lot a better because there was no rush and we were able to really appreciate the whole garden. It also gave me a chance to take a closer picture of the Supertree Grove. 

singaporesingaporeAnd since we were at the Marina Bay, the Sands Skypark Observation Deck is just right behind us in all its splendor. It is this beautiful, tall building that overlooks the whole city. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to check it out because it wasn’t part of the plan. Maybe next time though.

singaporesingaporesingaporeWhen I thought it couldn’t get any more beautiful, getting inside the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest was a whole different story. It was as if I was inside a magical forest surrounded by fresh and colourful flowers. I was actually waiting for magical fairies to come out. Not to mention the ceiling that makes the whole dome and forest light up.

I’ve never been to a field of flowers but being in this dome made me feel like I have. There are trails of various flowers and everyone felt like they were all a kid in a candy store. Or maybe just me. And how cute that there’s this little house sitting in the middle of all these flowers?


singaporeAnd this waterfall is amazing. Oh, and cold too. Imagine how freezing it was when I was taking a picture from the foot of this “mountain”. Also, I didn’t get a decent picture because everyone was everywhere. The place was packed with tourists and it will take a while to get that good shot.



After a whole afternoon dedicated to seeing this Garden, we rested a little at the hotel and decided to wrap up the day with good food. When I googled a Singapore itinerary, a known Hawker Centre called Lau Pa Sat or Telok Ayer Market (in the Central Area of the City) came up as a good option to dine. So, we got here by riding the train and walking a few blocks from the station. It was a little difficult to find since it was already nighttime (and because we weren’t familiar with the streets) but it was worth it.

The whole place is lighted as if luring all passersby and it was heaven inside. Food stalls after food stalls of different cuisines surround the area. I actually got a little confused because of the number of food choices and how bad I wanted to taste them all. The best part is that everything is cheap. I was able to score a delicious chicken meal from a Thai stall for only six Singaporean dollars. And my favourite, Laksa, for around five dollars good for three people.

This place is definitely on the top of my favourite food centres at the moment. I know that if it was a little closer to the hotel, we would be dining here every day.