Celefit Peach Beam Real Tone Up Cream

A moisturizer that’ll give you an intensive tone-up effect

Main ingredients?

peach extract, panthenol, herb complex, Lactobacillus/milk ferment filtrate, hyaluronic acid

I’ve actually had Celefit Peach Beam Real Tone Up Cream* for quite some time but I wasn’t able to write down a proper review for it until now. I actually had this whole moment in my life when I experimented and cut back moisturizer from my routine. Crazy, I know! But since I’m doing a new treatment (will let you guys know soon!) and have been so dry on some parts of my body, I’ve noticed that I’ve been picking it up quite too often.

I like that it comes in slim, white, and peach packaging, and you can tell that there is not much air inside the bottle so, you are getting all the products. The first thing that I noticed (and in most Korean skincare products I own) is that the language at the back is in Korean so, if you’re someone who doesn’t do much research about a product, you’d get stuck at first. It is one of my pet peeves since I look in the ingredients all the time.

This product is smooth and lightweight on the skin. It doesn’t have that cloudy texture. It kind of feels a tiny bit watery on the side too and it easily sinks in within seconds, and for someone who is oily, this is a huge plus point. And upon application, you can instantly see the brightening and smoothening effect. It has a beautiful satin-finish that’ll give you that natural glow on the skin but feels matte at the same time. Any discoloration, redness, or large pores will be slightly less obvious too. So it is something you can use underneath makeup but not as a replacement for primer. Too much product can bring out The smell isn’t too strong, but it isn’t that subtle either, and it reminds me so much of those teen colognes with powdery scent. It does fade away after a couple of minutes. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either. I prefer it if it was non-fragrant.

Is it moisturizing? Your skin will feel nourished throughout the day. Do I recommend it to an oily-skinned person? Not really. I noticed that as moisturizing as it is on the skin, it will make you greasy after a couple of hours, especially if you have it underneath makeup. But if you’re dry or normal or combination, then I recommend you check this out or if you’re someone who is into whitening products as well. 

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