Ditching eyebrow pencils to pomades is the best thing I’ve ever done in my makeup game. I remember back in the day how difficult it was for me to create a more defined, precise, natural-looking eyebrows with pencils. And so, finding treasures like the Colourpop brow colour to make my eyebrow game easier (and affordable) is such a life changer.

This darling right here comes in a small sleek jar and retails for 6 bucks or 320 PHP without shipping & taxes. It has smooth, creamy and an almost-like mousse texture with a semi-matte finish. And It’s totally blendable and pigmented. But the fact that it’s semi-matte and too creamy (kinda slippery) makes it quite difficult to control and create hair-like strokes.

Is it waterproof? Does it last long on oily skin? It can last a whole day but not completely waterproof as it does fade/transfer a little when the weather gets hot and sweaty.

Colourpop's Brow Colour

I find it a little disappointing that it dries up too fast (is it just me?) when left open for a few seconds. And comparing it to another drugstore brow pomade like the LA Girl’s Brow Pomade, it does try out quickly. It did say to close the jar tightly to “keep in all the magic” but one can never and will never truly close it every after application especially when there’s so much sparse area to fill, right?

So, it’s just sad that I can never use it anymore as it already dried out and so much product is still left in it. Is it still worth the buck? Yes. If you’re really looking for something with good quality that saves you a lot of money then this is a gem.

Have you tried this product?

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