Currently Coveting: BH Cosmetic’s Wild Child Palette

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much I’m currently coveting the BH Cosmetic’s Wild Child palette. It may have been years ago since it was launched in the market but this darling right here still performs beautifully. If you guys watch my videos on Instagram all the time, there is no doubt that this palette is my number one go-to. I use this as much as I can because of how much I adore it. I actually got this as a free from when I bought Take Me Back to Brazil. At first, I thought it was nothing special because I had a bad experience with baked eyeshadows before but boy was I wrong. This palette has 9 beautiful, decent-sized, baked eyeshadows, mostly earthy/neutral tones with just two purple/violet ones so you can have a little pop of color on the side.

And with all the beauty brands coming out with amazing packaging one after the other, looking at this, it definitely won’t come as a runner-up at all. The packaging is nothing fancy. It’s all cardboard with just a huge mirror inside (which is a plus, btw) and no eyeshadow names at all. But I really like the fact that it’s light and compact, that you can just throw it inside your bag when you’re in a hurry and it really doesn’t take up too much space because it barely weighs at all.

bh cosmetics

It doesn’t have a weird, chemically smell, so that’s actually a good thing. In terms of color payoff, it’s surprisingly pigmented especially the fact that I swiped these colors dry. So, just imagine how foiled they could be when you use them wet and tere are no fallouts at all despite the fact that they’re powder-finished. The colors are definitely on the faint side and may look as if they’re similar at first but you can totally build the colors up, and really, a little goes a long way.

The real superstar here is the white one. I am obsessed with it. It clearly stands out from the rest. You can just swipe this entirely on your lid and would still show off amazingly. I definitely use this all the time especially when I do some cut-creasing and it can totally be used as a highlighter as well.

The peach and pink one are beautiful too.  I use them sometimes when I go to the office. They really give your eyes that foiled, kinda dewy look and I like the idea that I can get away with wearing pink eyeshadow in the office so, I guess these colors being a little faint has some benefit.

I had a hard time picking favorites (excluding the white one) here because let’s be real, shimmer eyeshadows make a simple look a little bit better, right?

bh cosmetics

Is it worth the buck? Definitely. I’m a really huge fan of shimmers and for me, this is already a steal. I guess the only thing that’s missing here is that it doesn’t have many bold colors in it to play around with. But it’s worth checking out. I think it’s still available in beauty bay so, hope you get your hands on this one.

If you guys want to check out how I created looks using this palette, you may watch it here.

Have you tried the Wild Child palette?

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