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Currently Coveting: Hand Creams

hand creams

THIS IS THE FIRST EDITION of my currently coveting products and I thought of giving the first limelight to my favourite hand creams. To anyone who is not aware, I am a sucker when it comes to hand creams.  I love to know that my hands are as good smelling as the rest of my body, coz girl, you may never know when you will be shaking hands with the Queen!

These hand creams vary in ingredients. They all offer more than moisture for your hands.

hand creams

Below are some of my most coveted hand cream products that I hope makes your list too:

hand creams


This is a new brand that I received from my Aunt and I am just completely in love with the packaging, it’s floral and pastel, the perfect combination to entice the girl inside of us.

All of these are named after flowers (obviously) and the scents are oh-s0-amazing! I’ve got Tiger Lily, English Rose, Sweet Pea, Garden Lavender, Floral Bouquet and Magnolia Blossom. English Rose is my favourite of all.

These hand creams are mild, non-greasy and definitely moisturizes my hands for a whole day. The best part? They all contain Shea Butter!

hand creams


These are my favourite hand creams of all time. I always carry one of those two in my purse and I just can’t get enough with the scent — which makes me nostalgic all the time, btw. It is ultra-moisturizing and leaves my hands smelling good all day long. I’m on my last tube of Pomegranate and I’m getting sad already (lol). I actually tried applying this on my arms and legs that time they got dry and patchy, and boy did it not help at all. So, I’m guessing they’re not that kind of a moisturizing cream.

hand creams


I love this one too by Skin+Doc because it has tea tree oil in it. It doesn’t have that floral smell but it sure locks in moisture for a long time. I also read that Tea Tree Oil is a great anti-fungal agent which is for added skin protection. Definitely non-greasy like the rest of the hand creams mentioned. Also, I tried using this on my arms as a regular body lotion and sure enough, it healed my dry and patchy skin that time.

hand creams

hand creams


I am a huge fan of The Body Shop especially with their Eu De Toilettes and Body Scrubs. So, I was excited to try their hand creams for the first time and I just love them even more. I love that these hand creams smells expensive (lol), I can’t explain it but they just are. They have this distinct smell that just screams “The Body Shop”.  My most

My most favourite of this three is Shea. It smells butterylicious.  Also, Moringa smells so good too and it reminds of a citrus fruit, probably Lemon. But I still like the British Rose.

hand creams

What about you? What’re your most coveted products?

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