I’m guessing that when you reach that semi-adulthood (like me!) in your life that you start having these weird obsession with tea, (more) alone-time, planners, stocks, sleeping instead of going out, and so much (unfun) things that you knew you would absolutely not think about when you were a teen. Right now, for me, it’s essential oils. Ahhh, essential oils. Just hearing these words gives my body complete relaxation already. You feel me? Never in my teen years would I even give a second thought about oils. But here I am, spending my time researching about all the benefits of these oils and thinking if there is such thing as “too many essential oils“.  But really, is there?

The fascination with essential oils came about when I learned that not only are they for purifying and cleaning but also for skincare and mind-calming. So, here are my current top three Essential Oils You Need in Your Life Right Now.


Tea tree oil is my ultimate weapon against stubborn pimples. I’ve used all forms of skincare products that contains tea tree (from facial bars and cleansers to body wash and lotions) ,and have proven, and tested how powerful it can be.

Not only does it ease skin concerns like fungal infections, blemishes and body odor but you may also it as a household alternative to harsh chemical-based cleaners.

You May Us It As..

  • Pimple Patch

What I do is I add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil on a small cotton ball or pad and cover the pimple with it. I leave it until the cotton ball dries up and the pimple gently absorbs the oil. I usually do this in the evening right before I sleep (or sometimes sleep with it on my face). You may do this as needed or depending on the severenity. For me, it only takes 12-24 hours to take effect.

Tip: Cotton balls or pads are quite bigger than the pimple so, I just tear them into smaller sizes or strips.

  • Body Deodorizer

Combine a few drops of Tea Tree Oil with warm water in a spray bottle and spray on odor-prone areas such as the armpits and feet.

  • Air Purifier/Home Cleanser

Squeeze 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil and combine it with water. Shake to mix thoroughly and squirt on surfaces around your home or put few drops on your air purifier. It’ll help eliminate germs and disinfect areas in your house.

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Having trouble unwinding, calming your senses or better yet, sleeping? Well then, Lavender Oil is your buddy. Its soothing and delicate fragrance is perfect in giving you a nice, relaxing atmosphere, and also helps ease tension and stress from your body

You May Use It…

…to help you sleep

Few drops of this oil on your temples and pulse points, on your pillow or on your air purifier is enough to calm your mind and guarantee to lul you to a good night sleep.

…or for massage

You may also combine it with other massage oils to even more relax your muscles. Breathe in and relax.

Tip: It is also great when you’re feeling dizzy or nauseus

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Want to lighten blemishes like stretch marks, post-surgery scars, sun spots and stubborn acne marks? Rosehip Oil has got you covered! This particular oil is premium grade and is rich in vitamins A, C, beta carotene and essential fatty acids that helps your skin to regenerate and reduce uneven pigmentation. I incorporate this in my nightime routine and combine it with sunflower oil for extra moisture and nourishment.

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What’s your favorite essential oil?

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