Festive Glitter Favourite: Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette

Christmas may be over now but I’m not done with all the glitter and sparkles just yet.

Recently, I shared with you guys an easy glam holiday makeup look and let me tell you, that look won’t be complete without this key ingredient – the highlighting palette. Honestly, I have been such a late bloomer when it comes to highlighters. At first, I was like, do I really need a highlight? Is it really necessary? Is it worth the splurge? And little did I know that I just need a good quality highlighter to make me realized that, yes, it is dang necessary.

When I first got this gem, I had never been so excited to touch a makeup product. I know that may sound ridiculous to some but I don’t care (It’s makeup people! A fresh one to be exact.). The box was nothing spectacular but when I slid this baby out, I was in love with the packaging. It was like holding a gold bar, felt like it was so precious. The name of the brand fits the whole packaging. It’s literally SLEEK, like some high-end makeup brand. Also, it comes with a full-size mirror. It’s just that, the mirror can’t lean back too much as much as I want it too.

This Sleek MakeUP Solstice Highlighting Palette swatches really beautifully. It has four shades in it – one cream highlighter and three powder highlighters. Basically getting the best of both worlds. And in all fairness, I really couldn’t tell the difference between these four shades because they all look so pigmented even on the first swipe. You will only know which is which because of the slight sheen on each of them.

I’ve been using the peach-toned powder highlighter for my everyday look because it just looks so natural on me. It blends beautifully on the skin and on top of the foundation. It doesn’t move the product under it but rather blends in it to create a nice dreamy glow. If you’re in the medium to darker skin tone then the peach one is for you. I know that some may feel wary about the shades because of the sheen in them. I get it, hun. But there’s really nothing to worry about. As long as you don’t put too much product and you know how to blend them nicely then there would be no problem.

highlighting palette

highlighting palette

Another thing I love about this palette (aside from the obvious) is that you can use it on top of your eyeshadow. I actually did this on a holiday look but not for its real purpose. It really did intensify the eyeshadow I had on. It gave an added sparkle and slight colour on it, too. Perfect for those beauty enthusiasts like me who are still saving up for their own Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

The only thing that didn’t impress me is the brush that comes with it. It’s too stiff and doesn’t really get and put much product on. It’s safe to say that using your own finger is a lot better choice. But really, a stiff brush isn’t enough to make me fall out of love of this.

It’s a pretty good steal if you’d ask me for such good quality yet affordable price. I’m really excited to explore more products under this brand and to also find more good quality highlighters.

What highlighters are your current favourite?

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