Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

An anxiety disorder disrupts fourteen-year-old Audrey’s daily life. She has been making slow but steady progress with Dr. Sarah, but when Audrey meets Linus, her brother’s gaming teammate, she is energized. She connects with him. Audrey can talk through her fears with Linus in a way she’s never been able to do with anyone before. As their friendship deepens and her recovery gains momentum, a sweet romantic connection develops, one that helps not just Audrey but also her entire family.

I am officially in love with this book! Hands down to Sophie Kinsella for writing such amazing books all the time. I just read the book for like two and a half days and if I weren’t busy with school stuff I’d probably finish it in one sitting. Yes, that’s how engrossed I was with this book. I am just too psyched to tell everyone how I feel and think about this book. I’m literally bubbling inside with excitement as I write this down. It’s a definite MUST-HAVE. I’m not kidding.

It’s one of those books that tackles about mental illness in a light, friendly approach that definitely tells you that the author is considerate and mean no offense to those that have them.

“Life is all about climbing up, slipping down, and picking yourself up again. And it doesn’t matter if you slip down. As long as you’re kind of heading more or less upwards. That’s all you can hope for. More or less upward.”

Ever since I read the first chapter, I’ve found myself falling in love with their dysfunctional family. I could almost see the scenes unfold right before my very eyes. I would go further and say they could be a part of a funny sitcom and Anne Turner – Audrey’s mom – would totally rock the whole thing. And don’t start me with her love-hate relationship with her son, Frank. Those two would be the perfect duo. I mean, crazy “Daily Mail obsessed” mom + stubborn “video game obsessed” teen? Who wouldn’t want to see them together?

This book is defo for those who are just looking for something funny and lighthearted story and at the same time very much well-written. I simply love the humour. It’s not trying too hard, it just comes off completely funny. The characters compliment each other and they have helped a lot in supporting the whole story and it is nice how they’ve developed all throughout the story.sophie kinsella

I also love how the story doesn’t focus much on her love interest or it doesn’t try to make it all romantic and stuff like that coz it doesn’t come off as cliche. And in my opinion, Linus is much more of a helping hand. He’s not basically the sole reason Audrey conquered it all, he’s more of an inspiration. It mainly just focused on Audrey and her development, how she’s conquering her illness and it’s amazing how positive her character is. And I think this book gives way to those people who aren’t well aware of anxiety disorder, it makes them understand it at some point.

There are lessons that this book offers, about life and relationship with people. Each phrase holds something meaningful in them that we could all use as an inspiration in our daily lives. “…that’s what life is. We’re all on a jagged graph. I know I am. Up a bit. Down a bit. That’s life.”

Alas, I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

anne wonders