Makeup cushion foundation with a lightweight texture for comfortable yet beautiful skin all day long.

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s sleek, black, compact packagings and Hera has it. If you guys have been an avid reader of my blog (i hope so!), you guys would know that it’s been three whole years since I last used a cushion foundation – and I’m not even kidding, it’s here. Since then, I’ve stuck with my usual liquid foundation until recently. I actually got this cushion foundation from my aunt (someone who barely wears any makeup but always gets gifted some, so unfair) and I couldn’t be any happier to check it out. Hera Black Cushion Foundation is one of the best cushion foundation in the market since the beginning of time (okay maybe not that long but you get my point). It actualy bagged multiple awards for the past years. But the real question is, does it really work?

The first thing I noticed with this product is that it comes in a similar box as my Sulwhasoo cushion foundation with a really pretty packaging and a refill. I can’t really generalize but based on my two experiences, it seems like some of these cushion foundations comes with a refill (with a new sponge!) which is a sweet deal if you’re paying such hefty price, right? And for someone like me who uses foundation almost everyday and don’t have spare time to buy a new one, this is really convenient too. You just have to press the arrow mark at the back of the product with your thumb, push the bottom of the product up, separate the refill that pops up and push the new refill into place. It’s so simple and easy.

And unlike Sulwhasoo, its packaging is not too bulky as it may look like. It’s quite slim and lightweight that you can easily slide it in your purse. And have I told you how pretty it is? It’s black and silver and just screams sophistication. I feel so chic whenever I pull it out and use it. I mean, do you ever have that feeling when a makeup product makes you feel and look powerful just by using it? Or Is it just me?

IThas a matching sponge that has a pretty pattern on it and feels like a velvet type of fabric.. But of course that’s not the important part. The sponge feels like it won’t absorb that much product at all, so you can be assured that when you pat it on, product will just sit on the sponge. Basically you don’t waste any product because it’ll be fully transferred on your face. That’s the good thing about it. The bad thing, on the other hand, is that since it doesn’t absorb that much product and it is a liquid foundation, it can be quite challenging blending the product on your face, something that doesn’t really sit well with me especially if you’re a gal on the go who doesn’t have much time to grab a brush or a damped beauty sponge. And you can just imagine applying liquid foundation with a bone dry sponge on your face. It’s like a nightmare (for me, though). Not much to say about the scent other than it doesn’t smell chemically at all. It actually smells so good.

Hera Black Cushion

Like I’ve mentioned, application can be quite challenging with this one. Not just because of the sponge but because you really have to press couple of times to get some product on it and it easily dries off on the skin so, you really have to be quick on blending it all in. I experienced looking all patchy because the product already dried off on my face, so, it was quite irritating but once you have fully master it, it really looks good on the skin.

I really can tell that this product works on my skin type (oily!). It’s lightweight and has a semi-matte finish which is something I never thought would work on me because usually, I still get really oily. I love the fact that it feels matte on the skin but really looks naturally glowy on the outside. Plus, it’s not sticky or tacky at all. And as you can see it gives my face a little bright effect but even that’s the case, it doesn’t look way too light on my skin. I do have some blemishes and open pores and they weren’t covered much. It did say that it has a light yet full coverage but I think you can achieve the latter if you apply more but in my case, I couldn’t do that because the shade doesn’t really matcth my skin tone.

Does it last all day? Unfortunately, no. It did say that it it is a double layer foundation that should make it last longer but in my case, it didn’t do that. So, yes, reapplying needs to be done. But I can’t really saythe same for other skin types and it may not have lasted for me but to others it may do. Also, I think it would be best if shade ranges would go as far as more than just 6 shades. I mean, it needs to be as inclusive as possible.

Is it worth it? For the price tag of 55 bucks (or more), not really. You can definitely buy something a lot cheaper and would have the same benefit as this one and maybe more. But if you can afford it then go nuts. It’s totally appealing for those with slightly oily skin and has fair skin tone. But all in all, I’m happy with it and will still continue to use it until I empty the refill but repurchasing? Not at the moment. Maybe when it gets cheaper.

Have you guys tried it?

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