If there’s a makeup product that I always have a love-hate relationship with, it’s definitely a liquid lipstick. It’s something that after months of using on and off, I still can’t figure out how to apply and how to maintain on my lips. It’s like you want to try your very best to love it (and there are times you’re successful) when applied and then you look closely and see your lips cracking and you just want to scream because of 1. You look stupid, 2. You just exfoliated minutes ago and 3. You need to take it off and reapply it again because you forgot to bring other lipsticks so, you’re basically stuck with it for the rest of the day. You feel me? So, when I had the chance to try out L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Enjoy I was feeling a mixture of excitement because it’s a new product and fear because it might not work out on me. But lo and behold, I like it.

L’Oreal Rouge Signature


This product packaging is so minimal but I guess it is what makes it more appealing in the eyes because despite having only the product name on the cap and just transparent glass bottle, it looks sexy (for a liquid lipstick). I’m not kidding. The applicator is soft, flexible and has a more tapered, paddle shape (compared to other brands) that makes it a lot easier to apply on the lips, not to mention that it kinda has a texture of a sponge which helps it hold more product in place, so you don’t have to pump it back and forth all the time.

It’s indeed lightweight and has a slightly watery, ink-like consistency which can be quite tricky at first and for beginners as upon applying, it can easily be spread off on you entire lip but if you start off with a lip liner, you can easily maneuver it. I remember the first time I applied it, although hydrating, it left a wet mark that my lips easily absorbed so, it’s like my lip has a dark spot on it and at a slight moment, I thought I screwed it up already because honestly, I’ve never tried other liquid lipsticks that have the same formulation. Also, you’ll definitely appreciate that it doesn’t really dry out the lips or feel like you have a mask on your lips (so breathable!), so, no worries for cracks anytime soon. Quite impressive for a matte liquid lipstick if you ask me.

What I did notice is that it kinda takes a while to dry up, like 5 minutes top but I guess it’s somewhat an advantage as it leaves you more time to perfectly apply it as compared to when it dries up easily and you can barely fix it. It’s not completely transfer-proof but it sure does not transfer as much as the others, more like a faint hue.

Another note is that it totally stays up all day (even the next day!). It slowly fades when you eat and drink but it leaves a naturally faded stain on your lips so it really doesn’t look patchy at all. I used this the other day, went to the mall and had dinner, came back, wash off and all, and it didn’t completely get off. I promise you that I used a makeup remover and micellar water.

Is it worth it? Absolutely! For $11.99 or 600-630 pesos, it sure is worth the splurge. You’ll definitely see me try out the other shades soon!

Have you tried L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipsticks?

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