I’ve been meaning to talk about the Nyx Avant Pop Nouveau Chic Palette since forever. I know you guys are curious too because I’ve used this in my previous posts – Easy Glam: Holiday Makeup Look and New Year’s Makeup Look. I score this beauty right here for 20% off from Lazada’s online sale. Believe it or not, that sale couldn’t be any more perfectly timed. But before I did the deed of purchasing it. I actually watched a bunch of reviews on YouTube and finally got sold when Laura Lee swore on this baby. Usually, I don’t get persuaded easily by beauty gurus but I made an exemption on this just because I need it badly (company party) and it’s pretty cheap, too (at that time).

The packaging is nothing fancy or worth raving about. But I really like how simple it looks because it gives the shades the attention they deserve with the clear case. Plus, I feel like it has more product in its pan, so, that’s a major point. The Avant Pop Shadow Palette actually has three variations – Art Throb, Surreal My Heart and Nouveau Chic. What drew me to this particular palette is that it has the combinations of warm neutrals, mauve, and greens. Not exactly the type of colours you would see together in most eyeshadow palettes. And that makes me love this even more because it gives me more room to explore and experiment various looks. It’s like having best of both worlds (if that makes sense).

Honestly, I’m one of those people who just stick to browns just because it’s easy and safe but with this palette, I’m enticed to see what I could do with other colours because of how limited the browns are. They’re practically just transition colours!

It doesn’t have any weird, chemically smell, unlike my Colourpop palettes, so, that’s nice. But I wasn’t entirely happy with the pigment of these colours on my first swatch. There was barely any pigment, to begin with. I had to swatch this palette twice just to make sure that it’s not a complete disappointment. I noticed that you really have to work on these colours and really blend them out for them to show. Also, in my opinion, brushes don’t really get any product that much compared to when you use your fingers.

The matte shades aren’t really promising. They feel kinda chalky and so hard to work with. I tried using setting spray on my brush but it only dried out the colour which really sucks. The shimmers, on the other hand, are really soft and buttery. They do have a slight fallout but most shimmers do, too, so, not actually a big deal.

This palette is great for beginners because of the range of colours. But is it worth purchasing again? In my opinion, not really. For a drugstore product and it’s quality, it’s quite pricey. I can list drugstore brands that can exceed expectations (in a good way) with a much affordable price. Uh, hello, Colourpop. It’s like 12 bucks all the time (sale!).

How about you, have you tried this palette?

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