How To Be Happy

Happiness is a choice.

It is true that we hold the key to our own happiness. We may not be able to realise it instantly but once we do, it will all make sense. Some of you may doubt me but trust me on this, you have the power to make yourself happy. It is just the matter of choosing what makes you happy and throwing what makes you not.

But in case you’re like me (the “me” who didn’t know she has a choice), below are the reminders – and maybe tips – to get back on the road to happiness.


Be Your Own Cheerleader And Appreciate Yourself

Love, you need to stop overly criticising yourself because someone’s life is this and that. It’s not good and will never be good. I used to be so negative about myself that I never thought that I was the one putting myself down and not everything around me. I got too busy comparing myself to others that I stopped seeing all the good things that were happening to me. But after realising all my mistakes, I took a step back. I learned how to stop looking at someone’s life and focused on mine. Did I feel better? More than ever. I gained back my self-confidence. I learned that I have my own story and have my own blessings. It may come different compared to some people but at least it’s mine and mine alone.

Tip: Try to look in the mirror every morning, give yourself a smile, and say “You can do it. I know you can.”. You will realise how a simple pat on the back from yourself can change your every day for the better. Your own words can have the power to make you the best person you want to be. It’s always about loving and appreciating yourself because no one has a greater power over you than you.


Stop Worrying About Everything

Raise your hand if you’re guilty on this because I know I am. And girl, we have got to stop doing it! Because really, we are the ones that create the problems. We tend to overthink too much. I remember that time I was waiting for an important call and I was aware that I would get it after a week but I got myself so worked up after only five days, thinking that I wouldn’t get that call or that the person that would call changed his/her mind, this and that. I made myself worry so much that it did a number on me.

And you know what, the call came after a week as it should be. What’s funny about this is that I became overly obsessed with it that I pushed myself to overthink and made myself stress over nothing. Instead of doing something productive on those days, I sulked.

Tip? Stop thinking!


Treat Yourself – With Ice Cream

… or anything your heart desires. It’s never illegal to pamper yourself once in a while. You worked hard and had too much overtime these past few days? Then reward yourself for a job well done.  It won’t kill you to satisfy a craving or to buy that sunglasses you’ve been eyeing for so long. Keep in mind that you gotta stop being so hard on yourself. What’s the point of working so hard if you’re not gonna give yourself a tip?

Play With Your Pet

… because is there anything else that can make you instantly happy than being with your pets?


Have A Good Sleep

Who doesn’t want to sleep, right? Whenever I have little to no sleep at all, I get extremely cranky and worst, unhappy and unsatisfied.  Having enough sleep can make a huge difference to your day. Sleep helps you to have all the energy you need to start your day. It’s like having a good breakfast. So, when you have the opportunity to take a nap, grab it. Grab it so hard and never let go.

Take A Time Off 

Just throw everything out, slump back on the couch, and just breathe. Most of the time, the key to happiness is loosening that tight grip around our neck and let ourselves breathe for a while. It can be a little breather from work or home. Have a day off to yourself. Do anything you want or be anywhere you want. Just don’t think about anything that may stress you. I know it’s a little difficult but trust me, our mind and body are screaming to have some time away from everything.


Let Go Of The Yesterday

It’s time that we stop thinking of the past and just look straight ahead to the future. It’s been done, it’s been said and nothing can be changed but what you can do is to let go. Don’t let the past dictate your life. You can never move forward if you keep letting your other foot be stuck to the ground. You can never find true happiness if you keep holding on to what made you unhappy. Try to make peace to what it is that holds you back and use the lesson you’ll learn to strengthen your future.


Stay Away From Toxic People

If there’s one thing other than the past that we should leave behind, it’s toxic people. Their source of happiness is our misery and we should never let that happen. Never let other people have the control over us, over our lives. They put us down, they manipulate our choices and they make sure that we are nothing.

I had these people around me before. They acted as if they are my friends to regain my trust. I had let them think for me and make choices for me. And after having a part of me torn, they showed no sympathy. It took me a while to realise that I don’t need them and that they only make things worst for me. When I stopped listening to them and stayed away from them, I felt as if a boulder of rock was lifted off of my shoulder.

What have I learned? I learned that there are people around you that mask themselves as your friend just to hurt you. Don’t let them. Never let them.


Smile – And Smile Back

Smiling can not only make yourself (feel) better but the other person as well. But this is not just about smiling but this is about getting happiness through someone else’s happiness. Or by making someone happy. Try to tell someone that you think their shirt/dress looks cute on them. Let them smile and thank you.  Wait and welcome the feeling of complete joy because you made someone’s day.


Do What You Want

… what you have always wanted. If it makes you happy, go for it. If it’s better for you, take it. Don’t wait for the right moment because there is no right moment until you say so. Stop stalling. You want to learn to sing? Then take a class or find someone who can teach you.

Before I owned my website, it was only a dream, a part of the bucket list, a want. I kept telling my beau that I want it so bad and he kept telling me to go for it but I always found ways to put it behind because of so many reasons that I came up with. But as months went by, I felt more and more unhappy. Why? Because I wanted it so bad and that I knew, at the back of my mind, that I was just putting it off because I was scared. Scared that it may not work out as I have imagined it and so many stupid reasons.

And then, out of nowhere, a random day, I was sitting in front of my desk, looking at the “confirm” button that held the way to my dream, and thought to myself, “Oh for heaven’s sake, just do it. Just do it!”. And I did. Now, here I am, happier than ever that I have gotten what I have always wanted.

I made myself happy. I made a choice and my choice was and is to be happy.


anne wonders