How to Dress Chic in the Office During Lazy Days

Picking an outfit may not be the best moments anyone experiences every day. And I am guilty of that. I tend to spend most of the mornings rummaging through my closet and ending up still nothing to wear but my frown. Believe me, not the best way to start the day especially when breakfast is forgotten. Recently, that’s been my morning scenario. As much as I love dressing up, it can be really tiresome when you have to do it every single day. Basically, it felt like I’ve worn every outfit imaginable and I was left with no more options. Boy, was I was wrong. I had been too busy mixing and matching patterns here and there that I forgot that less is more. But really, are there any more options to create a nice office outfit?

The answer is yes. A big yes to be exact.

When it comes to style, I lean towards to outfits that make my life easy. And that means an outfit that can help me dance around and jump up and down. Kidding (or maybe not). By making my life easy I mean, not having to pull my hair every morning for just choosing an outfit. I like outfits that make people say, “I didn’t know you can pair that.”

After watching videos and reading a number of articles about work outfit capsule, I’ve come to learn more about clothes. That clothes should not make you feel stressed but rather give you a sense of enjoyment. I’ve come to make amend with my mornings.

I was able to learn how to dress chic without people noticing that I made no efforts at all.

Part of what I’ve learned is investing into pieces that are less in patterns and more in the neutral colors (beige, gray, black and white). Pieces like these are so easy to match with anything. And I mean, anything. When you’re in the mood like nothing is matching these colors are definitely your safest bet.


Also, any outfit can look chic and put-together when u match it with a bold accessory. U think ur outfit is too plain? Wear a belt. Belts or any other accessory like a statement necklace can surely give life to any plain outfit you are in. I usually wear white long-sleeves to work and tucked it into a pencil skirt or nice pants. And to make things a little edgy or fun, I wear a gold chunky statement necklace or tie a slightly thin fabric and tie it in front to make a ribbon.

But if you’re lazy to wear a skirt (coz I have those moments too), you can slip into a dress and throw in your favorite blazer or jacket to make a bolder statement and you’re good to go. I have tried wearing a dress over an off shoulder crop top and statement earrings for a night out with a friend and it came out great. It didn’t even take me hours.

Another secret to making a plain outfit standout, shoes. ‘Coz you know, good shoes will take you to good places.

Any tips on how to dress chic?