Innisfree truecare line

Those who’ve been following my journey since the beginning know how much I love @innisfreeofficial products. So, when I was sent their TrueCare line weeks ago I was beyond excited.

The Panthenol 10 Moisture Skin Toner is such a life saver. It’s deep hydration is perfect for what my skin is going through atm – dehydration (due to the current medication I’m taking). It also help sooth itchiness and is pretty lightweight on the skin (prolly coz it has a watery texture), and sinks into your skin easily without leaving any greasy residue.

Truecare Non-nano Sunscreen SPF48 PA++++ is my current favourite sunscreen. Ya’ll know sunscreen is life especially when you want to lighten any pimple marks (btw!). This specific one is special. It also has a watery texture that made me wonder (at first try) if it’s actually being applied. I’ve never tried anything like this before. The only downside is that pinkish tint to it with a bit of beige that leaves white cast on the skin. Something that I’m not a fan of. It also gives the skin a bit of a sheen or glow so anyone who wants to achieve a slightly glass skin this might help. But if you’re using this after the Moist Recovery Cream and you’re oily-skinned then expect your face to look extra glowy (or oily).

Innisfree TrueCare Line
Innisfree TrueCare Line
Innisfree TrueCare Line

Pimple that needs healing? Cica Intensive Balm can help. It has a smooth buttery texture to it and kinda reminds me of gel. Was able to use this on small pimples and it help flatten them in no time.

In case you’re experiencing dry season (on your face), I suggest u grab the Moist Recovery Cream for some deep moisture. This one’s hypoallergenic so that’s a huge plus!

I use this mostly on areas where there are dry patches like my hairline and side of my nose, and it works wonders. Hope to get a bigger tube soon. Just a downside, if you’re an oily person you may expect to look quite greasy after application so I suggest to put just a small amount.

The AC soothing ampoule is a must-have too to lock in more moisture on the face. I wish it was in a bottle because I’ll need more than just a sachet!

Ampoules are basically one of those extra steps in your skincare routine. As mentioned, this gives your skin more moisture. You may opt to add this in your routine or not. For me, I only apply this every other night and is not exactly a huge part of my routine. I like to keep my routine at a minimal since I have a slightly sensitive skin and I really don’t want to clog my pores even more.

There are times when I use this as a primer just to give my skin an extra and natural glow underneath the foundation. But I make sure to use a matte foundation.

Overall, I wasn’t disappointed. These products came just when I’m experiencing dryness, redness and pimples here and there. I totally recommend this especially when you have dry skin. This’ll work too for oily skin gals and pals but I suggest applying the products thinly to avoid more oil production on the skin.

Will I purchase this? Definitely. Innisfree is one of the brands I trust the most and have never been disappointed. Plus, their products are more affordable as compared to the others. You surely get the value of your money.

Have you tried any of these products?

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