With the price tag of  ₱199- ₱349 or $4 – $5 depending on where you buy it, it’s not surprising that the L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer has always been the cult favorite amongst all aspiring makeup gurus and even beauty bloggers all over the world. From 24 shades, L.A. Girl has definitely come a long way creating 30 concealers, 10 correctors and 3 highlighters to accommodate all our conceal/highlighting/correcting needs.

I must say, the kind of packaging it has doesn’t sit well with me. The concealer comes in a plastic squeeze-in tube with a brush on the end. And it gets a little messy because you can barely control the product that comes out of it. If you squeeze a little, you don’t get enough product but when you squeeze a little harder, it releases a big goop which can be annoying since its a huge waste and not really ideal when you’re in a hurry.

In terms of formula, it’s thick, creamy and sure is lightweight on the skin. It does have its moments of creasing when not set and applied properly. It might probably because I have oily skin or that it doesn’t go well with the formula of the product I use before applying it.

I’ve used it a couple of times to prime my eyes and I do notice that it moves with the powder. It’s really best to use a beauty sponge and really press it on the skin instead of a brush. But if you can’t help using a brush (because you have a dirty sponge and is just too lazy to clean like me), I suggest to set it with a powder though it may have an effect with the color pay off of the eyeshadow.

I really like using it to conceal under my eyes but not so much with the spots on my face because I don’t see it helping at all that much. The Yellow Corrector is a huge must-have because it corrects dullness caused by purple/blue undertones and brightens undereye circles for medium to dark skin tones. I use it under the concealer in shade Natural or Light Ivory and it really makes a huge difference and gives more coverage compared to not.

I also noticed that the shade Light Ivory is still a little dark even though it kinda looks light in the website but it sure compliments my skin tone and brightens my under eyes. As for the shade Natural, I use it warm my face whenever I use a foundation lighter than my skin tone and wants to achieve a more, well, natural look.

As for the highlighter, it’s not one of my favourites to grab but it sure is great if you just want a little glow on the face and if you want something more intense, you can pop another highlighter on top.

But does it last all day? It can if you set it with a nice powder or you’re not always oily like me.

Is it worth the hype? For the price, yes it is and compared to other drugstore concealers in the counters this is definitely worth the buck too.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

Hightlighter, Yellow Corrector, Natural, Light Ivory

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