Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas definitely came too soon for me. There is no more “one more sleep” left but rather few hours to count before Christmas Eve. And let me tell you, I still have few people to buy presents for. You guys are probably wondering how I end up in this situation and how I would be able to pull presents just in time for the Eve. Actually, I was thinking the same thing. I have no power in me to do shopping at this very moment. I know that there would be tons of people who’d be flocking the malls like birds, cramming their baskets with all the goodies they could find the last minute. Not a good idea but definitely became a habit for most people like me. It would be nice to think that you can just do online shopping, be within the confines of your own home but really, that’s no longer an option. So, yeah, we’ll be going back to the only option left. Going to the mall.

I know what I said about it being way too crowded but c’mon, what choice do I (or we) have? That’s why I came up with the plan that would help me (or us) come out of the mall alive. I thought I’d make a last minute Christmas Gift Guide. In this way, you and I wouldn’t have to be a deer caught in the headlights inside the mall. This would lessen the time of wandering around and going in and out of every shop empty-handed. And would help you budget the things you’d be buying instead of just picking out everything in sight disregarding whether it’s above your price limit.

These Melrose And Market Acorn Bracelets – Set Of 3 and R.J. Graziano B Initial Charm Bracelet are totally must-buys for anyone who’s looking for Christmas giveaways to their girlfriends or even best friends. They’re super cute and really affordable (under 20 bucks, hon!).

It’s been a habit of mine to visit The Body Shop ever so often especially during the holidays. It’s my all-time favourite skincare shop and I just love stocking a bunch of their products. Not only are they cruelty-free but they also have the best holiday gift bundles/collections that lazy or busy people like us can pick up at the last minute. I’m really eyeing The Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Collection and The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Skincare Collection because I’ve heard great things about them and they totally can be gifted to some of my aunties.

My little brother is currently obsessing with jackets so I bought him a jacket like this H&M Biker Jacket. I think it’s fun, youthful and never goes out of style. Basically, a perfect gift for a 17-year-old brother. I’m also thinking of buying my beau a Levi’s Rugged Vintage Jacket because I know how much he adores jackets and throwing in 2 Pack Easy to Iron Regular Fit Shirts with Tie from Marks and Spencer for when he has presentations or somewhere semi-formal to go.

And also, a Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Mini Celebrity Lipstick Charms and maybe the Jo Malone London(TM) House Of Jo Malone London Collection for yourself. It may be a little pricey but treating yourself now and then isn’t a bad thing. And besides, you earned it.

If you guys want something more affordable and still easy to find. You can check out my recent Christmas Gift Guide for those on a budget. I hope you guys picked up some idea from this post and I’m really hoping for the best in your next holiday shopping.

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