As the oily-faced girl, I am always in the constant quest to find products that can and will prolong my makeup wear. I actually thought “baking” would seal the deal but I was dead wrong. Before, I had this weird thinking that setting sprays were just fancy water with price tags and that they never really work. Even though I’ve been hearing praises on various setting sprays, I was never sold until just recently that I told myself, “Just give it a try”. Also, it was a good thing that I was completely desperate to make sure my makeup stays in place (for my trip abroad) so, I was able to push myself to get one. Despite the fact that I was trying not to splurge too much, buying the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set was totally worth the penny.

The bottle may just be plastic but it’s pretty durable and sleek. I like that the nozzle never gets stuck, so you can spritz as much as you want. But am I the only one that thinks that it has some weird smell? It doesn’t stay for too long nor does it stick on to your face but it sure is embarrassing when you spray it with people around.

This product sure prevents colour from smudging or settling into fine lines. I use this every day and never had any problems with my makeup melting. It’s safe to say that your makeup can stay in place for hours even under hot weather. And this is coming from someone whose face gets really oily with makeup on under the sun. I also noticed that even if I accidentally wipe my face, there are no residues. Or is it just me?

So far it’s been a dream for me and has totally helped changed how I perceive the use of setting sprays. A bottle like this can last for months. I’ve been using this for like three months now every single day and it’s nowhere near empty yet. Will I repurchase? Definitely.

What setting sprays do you recommend?