Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palette in Visionary

I’ve actually been hearing a lot of things about the Makeup Revolution for quite some time now but it was only a few weeks when I started to actually learn more about them. Their reloaded palettes are quite popular in the beauty industry and a few were pegged as dupes to high-end makeup brands like ABH. The Iconic Division palette is said to be a dupe for the infamous ABH Subculture. While the Makeup Revolution Visionary palette is somewhat similar to the ABH Norvina which actually piqued my interest even more. For someone who relies so much on drugstore makeup brands, this news is definitely worth considering about (and maybe someone lusting over ABH products, too).

Makeup Revolution is not exactly available in the Philippines so the only way you can purchase them is through their website or reliable local resellers like Zalora or maybe Sephora. In their website, this cost $7 or ₱367 w/o taxes & shipping. But they do offer free shipping when you purchase over $60 or ₱ 3,142. I got mine at Shopee Ph for $10 or ₱530 and I guess that’s quite a steal already considering I didn’t have to think about the shipping and taxes, and the website usually offers free shipping anyway.

The packaging is pretty straightforward, it’s made of plastic with the branding in front and no mirror at all which is the most annoying thing for an eyeshadow palette. I mean, seriously, it would’ve been more convenient to have one. Also, it doesn’t have any name for each shade. I won’t consider numerical numbers as a way to know which is which.

reloaded palette

To be honest, it actually reminds of my NYX Avant Pop Nouveau Chic palette. Although this one offers more shades than the Avant Pop palette.

The palette has 15 shades: 2 satins, 10 mattes and 3 shimmers.

What actually drew me to this particular palette in the collection is that the shade range looks perfect for soft, romantic looks. It has pink shimmer, three different shades of violet/purple tones and you’ve got transition shades too. So, I actually had high hopes for this one since I haven’t had the chance to stock up on those kinds of shade range.

It doesn’t have a weird, chemically smell, so that’s actually a good thing. In terms of texture, they’re a mixture of powdery and slightly buttery, and they do have some kickup in the pans. The pigmentation is quite underwhelming and you will kind of have a strange love-hate relationship with the different shades in this palette. I’ve used all of them in some of my looks and I must say, they’ve truly tested my patience. They don’t really swatch nicely and you can see that some are quite patchy too. The white one is a little chalky/powdery and you really have to get in there to get some colour pigment.

The first time I tried to set my eyes with it, I was so confused why I wasn’t getting any on my brush but then I realized that I just have to try three times which is quite a lot of work if you’re simply just setting. In my opinion, the light mattes aren’t anything special and don’t really apply well on the eyes just because you can barely see them. I guess it’ll work if you’re pale though.

reloaded palette

But good thing, the darker/muted mattes applies nicely especially if you build them. Also, the shimmers are surprisingly beautiful. Not exactly “over-the-top-completely-blew-my-mind” beautiful but it works and it does the job. And to be completely frank, I’m only after the darker mattes and shimmers so to have them work for me even the others don’t is enough for me.

Is it worth the buck? Sort of. It actually depends on your need for a palette. If you’re like me who was just after the shimmers and darker mattes, then yes. I mean, it’s pretty cheap and you’re getting what you’ve paid for. But is it worth the shipping and taxes? Not really. But I will still try other products from this brand just because I have a strong feeling they’re not that bad. I still have yet to try their collab with Sophie X and I’m really excited to get my hands on it.

Check out the looks I made with this palette.

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