Matte Foundation That Works For My Oily Skin

I believe it was a year ago when I learned about the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation. It was that kind of product that I’ve been wanting to try out for so long but couldn’t. It seemed to be, from what I’ve been hearing, a very effective drugstore matte foundation. I actually learned about the wonders of this product through my favourite beauty guru. She had been using it for so long and swore the effectivity of this matte foundation. This product wasn’t available until later on in my country, so, you could just imagine the amount of excitement I felt when I saw it on the beauty counters. Also, it made me really happy that it’s so affordable.

I actually purchased it a month ago when it first became available here. Its availability was such a perfect timing since it was summer and I was on my way to Singapore, and it was also warm there.

I really like the packaging of this product. It’s smaller than some foundations which I really like because it wasn’t bulky or too heavy in my makeup bag. And I don’t know but it really looks so sleek in my opinion.

I noticed that they don’t have much range of shades for all skin tones. But I really like that they have shades with pink and yellow undertone in it which made it easier for me. I got the shade Warm Nude. And I really love that it matches my skin tone perfectly which is a one in a million. Remember I actually almost got the perfect shade with L’oreal True Match Foundation? Unlike that foundation, Fit Me doesn’t oxidize too much so I don’t have to worry people telling me my face looks way too dark after few hours.

matte foundation

This foundation is blendable and sinks into my skin giving me a more natural look. I don’t really put too much foundation, just enough that my skin looks a little more flawless. So, I can confidently say that it covers little blemishes even if it’s just a light application. Again, it will still depend on how good your concealer is. I haven’t tried out if it would look cakey on a heavy application. By heavy application, I mean dotting your face twice with foundation.

But the big question is, is it really matte? Unsurprisingly, it is especially if you’re using the right skin care products. Having skin care products that match your skin type really helps with the outcome of your foundation as well. And since my toner is water-based and my moisturizer is oil-free, I get to have the result I am aiming for. I wear this on occasions where I have to be outside for a long period of time. It stays impressively long. Like I have mentioned, I brought this with me on my trip and I was outside most of the time, and I didn’t need to retouch at all.

When applying this foundation, you really have to focus on one part of your face at a time. Why? Because I noticed that it dries off easily on the face which is not entirely a bad thing for a matte foundation. But it would be a problem to blend if it happens. So, I suggest using a damped beauty blender to apply it better.

This product will definitely be present in my makeup routine for a long time ’til I find a better one. The fact that its drugstore won’t be such a burden if it doesn’t work out for you. But it sure is worth the buck.

So, what other matte foundations do you think I should try next?

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