I’ve currently incorporated two products from Derm.ing Solutions in my skincare routine as part of my little testing. They were really kind enought to send me these products and give my honest opinion about them. And for the few weeks I’ve been using them, so far, my skin did not have any irritation and was able to adjust smoothly most probably because these products are not pumped with too much chemical in them, so, yes, safe to say, they are mild on the skin.

The Lipid-free Cleansing Soap is mild and non-irritating facial cleanse perfect for all skin types. It actually reminds of those products that your dermatologist recommend. The texture is a little cloudy, like a diluted lotion (ok, not the best example) and has a thick feeling to it when you apply it. It really helps unclog my pores, leaving it clean and fresh all day long. Not to mention, it feels really soft on the skin too.

Derming Solutions

The Collagen Cream is by far my most favourite anti-aging night cream. It promises to help the skin maintain elasticity to reduce signs of skin aging like fine lines and wrinkles. It has a thick consistency that at some point I almost got worried that it might leave my skin even oilier. I had previous experiences and I definitely don’t want that to happen again. But lo and behold, it did not. It really gives your skin that all night moisture until the moment you wake up. My skin feels extra supple and smooth. What I usually use as night moisturiser is my trusted Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, so, being introduced to this is really great.

Is it worth the try? With the price tag of less than 5 bucks, they are definitely something you can consider checking out. They are perfect for any skin types and for someone who has a slightly sensitive skin, I can assure you, based on my experience, that it’ll work great on you too. Would I purchase them? Yes to the collagen cream just because I’m really loyal to my CosRx Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser (for the morning) and The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash(for evening) and I’ve really liked it. They also have a wide array of products and kits suited for all your skincare needs, so, you don’t have to worry which products would best fit with which. Do check them out at https://www.dermingsolutions.com/ .

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