The Morphe 35O Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette

I’m pretty late to the game, but I couldn’t help but share some of my thoughts and feelings on this very well-loved and hyped product. I must tell you that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this for so long. Morphe isn’t easy to find here so it really took some time for me to finally purchase it. I had my aunt’s friend to buy it for me at Ulta before she gets back here in the country. Morphe 35O eyeshadow is on my top list of palettes that I want to have. And now that I finally, finally have it, I can’t express my pure excitement and joy. (P.s. I totally squealed when I got it)

The packaging is nothing fancy and is kinda flimsy, to begin with, but what’s inside is the real beauty.  With an array of 35 shades ranging from a shimmering copper to a matte warm brown hue, it’s not rocket science that you’re getting so much on what you’ve paid for.  I love that this palette offers a range of both shimmers and mattes that you can play with. And another good thing about the wide range of colours is that it’s easier for you to choose the intensity of the colour. Most people are iffy that the shades are almost the same but I think it’s quite helpful.

I read a review before that the matte shades are chalky but based on my application, it works well. The matte shades are as creamy/buttery and easy to blend with as the shimmers. Pigmentation wise, this palette didn’t disappoint. I didn’t have to swipe a lot of product for the colours to pop which is plus, plus, plus points for me. The darker shades are so good to use because a little really goes a long way.

The burnt orange on the upper right side corner is my favourite. It’s actually the reason that I got so drawn on this particular Morphe palette. It looks gorgeous (I think) on any skin tone. And I’m on the medium tone side and this shade surprisingly pops beautifully on my eyes. I used to think shades like this won’t work on my tone but I was stand corrected.

Other favourite shades of mine are the rich dark chocolate hues in the middle. Although I haven’t used them alone on the entire lid, they blend seamlessly when applied to the corners of the lid. They compliment the light glitter shade I usually put on the centre of the lid.

I’ve never used this palette without primer or concealer all over my lid, so, I can’t really tell how well they would do without one. But I can tell that there are minimal eyeshadow fallouts. You don’t have to worry about swiping a shade or two when you’re in a hurry because it’ll not ruin your foundation. Talking about everyday makeup, this one is a nice choice. Whether you want something soft and simple for a day errand or a smokey full-on glam look, this will the do the job for you.

A real downside to this is that the shades don’t have names so, quite difficult for tutorials. And that it’s not travel-friendly. Overall, I love this palette so much. It’s really worth the few bucks because you’re really getting good quality makeup and that’s something most high-end brands lack.

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Have you tried the Morphe 35O palette?

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