Mud Mask Straight From The Dead Sea

Aside from my obsession with body butter and hand creams, I also give a fair amount of love for face masks. I have a few collection of sheet masks (to be exact) from Olay, Innisfree and Etude House for the time being. But I’m starting to shy away from them because I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Don’t get me wrong, these brands have amazing sheet masks (and quite affordable, too) but I believe I can save up a lot if they’re not on sheets (wait, what?).

As someone who has never used masks that is not in sheet form, I was pretty excited to finally try one and the fact that this one came from the dead sea got me even more riled up. Although, I got a little skeptical about how my skin would react to it since I do have such sensitive skin. It could either go completely great or completely bad. And I was hoping so hard that it’s not the latter part.

This mask is 100% natural containing more than 27 natural minerals and vitamins plus Aloe Vera, so there’s no doubt that my skin will benefit a lot.

When I first opened the package and poured it into a container, it looked (not gonna lie) kinda gross. Swiping a small amount on my face, I noticed that it goes a long way. So, this pack can pretty much last you a month or more, depending on how many times you will use it.

It doesn’t have a very pleasant smell for some obvious reasons (it’s mud, guys.) and it did feel tingly or itchy on the face and the feeling heightens as the mask dried out. But I did feel that my face was glowing and that it minimized my pores (which is a struggle for me). It gives your face more moisture and it definitely works for someone with oily skin.

Overall, I’m liking it a lot and so far, it’s been my go-to face mask.

So, what mud masks would you recommend?

mud mask