My Month of February Goals

I’M PRETTY SURE THAT I’m not the only human that’s having a difficult time to stay on track with their New Year’s Resolution. Am I right? I’ve noticed that whenever I write my goals for the year, I tend to be too dramatic and unrealistic that often times, I disregard the fact that most of them aren’t feasible to be done in just a year. I mean, c’mon, new car? It may be possible for some of you to buy a new car but for someone like me who is just starting on her own, a year of saving up is not enough to buy myself that new car.

Car keychain? Possible. But a car? Not yet.

Part of my “Adulting” is organizing not just my desk (lol) but also my goals. I realized that setting goals every month can help me reach the bigger goals I have in life.

I have already set goals for the month of January and fortunately, I have reached them and they have become the stepping stones for me to move on to the next step which is the month of February.

So, here is the list of the things I am hoping to achieve this February.


Your goals don’t need to be “big” right away. Try to start small and let that goal flourish into something bigger. Always remember that yes, goals are inspirations and important but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing them. And they are set to help us get things done in a more organized way and not to stress us out even more.

I hope I gave you guys some helpful tips and ideas to set your goal this month and if you already have some, lemme know. It’s always fun to hear from you.

anne wonders