September is definitely one of my favourite months only because it is the start of the countdown to Christmas. And we all know Chrismas is one of the best holidays ever. I’m not even saying this because of Santa and his gifts. I’m talking about lights. Lots and lots of twinkling fairy lights and amazing holiday decors. I could just picture myself getting all cozy on the couch, sipping hot cocoa while dressed in my sweaters and watching a rerun of Home Alone. Sweet, right? But before all those holiday glitz and glam, I better keep tracks of the things I will and should be doing this month. So, here is my September To-do list (that I hope I follow religiously).


Save Up For The MIBF | M.I.B.F or Manila International Book Fair is the biggest book fair in the country. It is the fair that I anticipate every single year. All bookstores join in this magical fair to give bookworms (like me) their biggest discounts ever and more surprises. So, yes, there is something to be excited about. And I heard that the fair will be twice as big this year. And by twice I mean, they’ll be occupying two floors of a convention center.

The fair will begin in less than eleven days and will run for five days only. And I already feel like I don’t have enough money to buy an entire shelf. But kidding aside, I’m already listing the books that I really NEED to buy. Though if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to drop some recommendations.

Schedule Posts | I know that I should have done this months ago but life gets in the way. There was just so many events that happened that I did not prepare for. But right now, I got everything under control and really doing my best to write as many posts as possible. How to Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips is my successful “test” scheduled post and I was so proud of it. I felt how convenient it is to “post a blog” while at work and I will surely keep it that way from now on.

Publish Those Drafts | So far, I got 21 pending posts that I haven’t started or I’m having a hard time finishing. It’s really not easy to write. Writer’s block is the worst. I mean, I got the good stuff, it’s just that I can’t find the right time. But I’m positive that I’ll be able to publish all before the year ends.

Stay Positive | Ever since I got a new job, I’ve been really trying to keep and be as positive as possible. I just don’t want to be the person I hate that jumps from one job to another when things get a little routine-y. So, I’m really hoping I stay positive, not only about work but about everything.

Budget, Budget, Budget | I would really like to be back on track with my budgeting this month because last month I spent a lot. In my defense, I wasn’t entirely prepared with my new salary but I’m getting a hang of it.

Buy Only Timeless Pieces | I feel like I spent a great amount of money over the years on pieces I rarely use and can’t use anymore. I would really want to start investing only in clothes that I can wear in any season. I definitely would like to stock on some basics or buy less print and more plain, especially for work. I’ve been looking around some works outfit capsules on Pinterest and Youtube, and they appeal to me. It’s really a part of me trying to transition from extravagant to being minimalist.

Below are some of the pieces I’m leaning towards on.


So, what’s on your September To-do List?


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