Don’t you just hate waking up in the morning and seeing your face in the mirror looking all greasy already? Or going to the restroom every two or three hours to blot your face then mistakenly removing your makeup in the process? How about a zit popping on your face when you have a big day? Ugh. So, to anyone who has oily skin and acne problems reading this, I empathize with you, girlfriend and this is for you.

I remember growing up with this kind of skin problem and let me tell you, it was pure nightmare. My face started to get all pimply (if that’s a term) when I hit puberty. I was thirteen that time and it was not the kind of change that a girl my age would wish for. It wasn’t like I was teased or bullied but it sure did bruise my self-esteem.

I knew for a fact that having pimples are normal but noticing that I was the only one in my grade that has this problem, I felt ugly. When I reached high school, I did everything to cover up the blemishes and marks. My allowance was spent on buying compact powders and I begged my parents to go to a Dermatologist. So, it is safe to say that I had quite a number of experiences going to Derma.

When none of those prescribed products and medicines worked, I wanted to crumble. I was experiencing infatuations towards other people and having this skin felt like a barrier. The problem seemed to be taking forever and I was just scared that people would notice.

oily face

It went on to college which made it a little bearable since I got into makeup. But the constant experiments with skincare products continued. Makeup helped a lot but it wasn’t enough. I still wanted to go outside wearing nothing. To just be bare.

And then I noticed another problem as if having acne wasn’t enough, my skin was producing too much oil with or without makeup. At first, I thought it was normal. I live in a tropical country, always warm, and I just convinced myself that it could be the explanation. But then, even if I’m in a room with a cold temperature, my face would still be all greasy.

Until recently, I told myself that I have to see a specialist. And if it doesn’t then I don’t know anymore.

So, I did. I had a little consultation, blah blah blah then got prescribed with new skincare products. I actually mentioned it here. Anyway, I got three products which I have to use together every other day. The specialist advised that I use them for a week or two, see if anything happens and if none, just go back to her.

There’s no problem with going back to her because my health card covers it. Real problem is, is the fact that there is a chance that it wouldn’t work. I wanted it to work.

oily skin

My skincare routine was cleansing my face with some facial cleanser for oily face, patting my face with toner for oily face, putting on night cream, followed by a beauty oil and if I have some pimples, I put on a drugstore topical solution on the affected area.

You guys must be wondering, “You seem to be taking care of your face and buying products fo your skin type, why didn’t they work?” Well, I wasn’t aware that using non-water-based moisturizer and beauty oils were adding to the problem. So, when I cut them all out of my routine, I felt so much better.

From using different facial cleansers and scrubs for oily face, I was advised to switch to clear soap. It has no any harmful chemicals and is completely mild, and perfect for all skin types. Instead of using the whole bar, I just cut a small piece and use it until it’s dissolved. It actually saves me more money from buying another soap, plus, I can use it for months.

oily skin

The toner that I got is  Dermisol-C,  it is perfect for preventing any future breakouts. My face gets really bad during the summer and when it’s the time of the month. The specialist said that it would soften my skin which would be advantageous for when I get facials. It would be easier to extract blackheads and whiteheads on my skin because of this.

Acne derm cream is also for when I have pimples on my face. I use it every other day unless my skin is clear.

oily skin

oily skin

I’ve been using these products for almost a month now and so, far, my face is not too oily anymore. I can now put foundation on my face without fearing that it would grease soon. I haven’t bought any water-based moisturizers yet but I would soon. In terms of acne, my face is clearer and I don’t feel uncomfortable being bare outside. There is the occasional breakout but not that severe, just one pimple or two, and I still use a topical solution.

Now, my only concern is the pimple marks but nothing a good diamond peel couldn’t fix.

I guess what I just needed was to find the right products that would fit my needs and not just buy everything that says “for acne” or “for oily skin”. It is really important to know what is good and what is too much for our skin. In my opinion, it wouldn’t hurt to see a specialist. It may be expensive but it is worth every penny rather than buying the same ‘ol products and not getting your money’s worth.

I wanna make sure my skin gets the proper care so, my skincare routine would definitely upgrade in the future.

Anyhoo, I hope you guys liked this post. And I would love to hear stories like this, so, feel free to comment down below.

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