Aloe Vera

Since summer is definitely peeking around the corner here in the Philippines, I know how difficult it can be to keep your skin moisturized under the heat of the sun without feeling all sticky just after application. That’s why I feel that it is the best time to share with you guys how much I am obsessed with Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. It’s been one of the products that totally changed the skincare game for me and I’d love for it to do the same for you.

P.S. I still can’t believe that I used to not know how it can benefit my skin.

This product 92% extracted from Aloe Vera Leaf enriched with all the good vitamins to give you a nice, glowy and healthy-looking skin. Aside from that, Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel also promises to help firm and moisturize the skin, treat and sooth mild cases of sunburns and give not only our skin some hydration but also our good ‘ol hair (coz c’mon, dang scalp, and strands needs some love, too). This gel is perfect for all skin types, most especially for the most sensitive skin as it contains California CCDF certified organic Aloe Vera.

I bought this at a trusted reseller in Shopee for 2 for ₱250 or almost $5. You can also get this from StyleKorean, Cosmetic Jolse or Althea Korea which all ships to the Philippines and even worldwide. I actually prefer getting it from those shops mentioned as they are usually much cheaper even with dues and taxes compared to the local retail stores. This product comes in a 300ml plastic jar (more than enough to cater to all your hydrating needs). It is quite bulky for traveling but it also does come in tubes or spray bottles that you can easily carry anywhere.

In terms of texture, you’d think that it’ll feel tacky or sticky because of the thick gel formula but it actually is lightweight with a smooth, watery feel that quickly melts into your skin and it also gives you a nice refreshing aloe vera smell which I really really like. Also, it is a little bit cold upon application so, definitely nice for soothing.

I’ve been using it during the night just because I feel like my skin needs more nourishment when I’m sleeping and it somewhat acts as a good night mask too that’s why I don’t have to worry when I forget to bring my CosRx Honey Overnight Mask. I can definitely vouch that it helps sooth my skin whenever I’m breaking out or having some minor rushes due to dirty makeup sponge or brushes (we’ve all been there so, don’t judge) and even heals puffy eyes. I just soak a cotton pad with it and apply it on my eyes and let it sit for a good 15 minutes. Then VOILA!, my eyes are less puffy.

Do you recommend it? Absolutely! My oily-skinned self adores it and I really love how I wake up every day feeling my face all supple and well nourished. I do believe that it lives up to the hype/expectations and knowing that it’s so freaking affordable and accessible makes it even more appealing and worth the buck.

Have you tried any Nature Republic product?

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