New In Beauty On Trial ft. Tiam and CosRx

To be honest, I’ve grown such a huge interest in all things skincare these past few days and barely checked what’s new in the makeup world. I still love makeup but a part of me wants to focus more on making sure my skin is more nourished and well-taken care of possibly because I want to be able to go out without putting so many layers on my skin. And I am particularly curious about a number of Korean skincare brands at the moment. That’s why today I wanted to share with you three Korean skincare products (under the brands Tiam and CosRx) that are currently on trial in my collection, along with my first impressions.

tiam and cosrx

tiam and cosrx

tiam and cosrx

First up is the CosRx Overnight Moisturizing Honey Mask which I have mentioned in my previous post that I recently have switched on after months of playing around with sheet masks. Actually, way before I grew such fondness in this particular brand, I was in a constant hunt on a good quality overnight mask without breaking the wallet. But after a long search (googling and stalking skincare enthusiasts), I got introduced to CosRx which have been making rounds in the skincare community for a long time now for its high quality yet affordable skincare products.

The packaging is clean and simple, and you would know from miles away that it’s a CosRx product  which I really admire. It has a clear gel formula, far from tacky and/or watery, and the smell kinda reminds me of (for some weird reasons) a sweeter version of glue. I know, really strange. But it doesn’t mean it has a hint of a chemical in it.

I love that this overnight mask is enriched with more than 87% of propolis extract and natural beeswax. Propolis extract is typically used to repair damaged skin and clearing clogged pores which is perfectly suited for those like me who have blemish-prone skin. I apply this after toning my face and so far, I’m really liking it. It’s gentle and lightweight on the skin and leaves my skin supple in the morning.

Another CosRx product is the Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser. I’ve been wanting to try this for so long because I see a lot of skincare gurus raving on and on about this. I used to use The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash in the morning but now I bumped it down to nighttime to make way for this darling. I like that this gel cleanser also contains tea tree oil which controls oil on my skin and help shrink the size of my pores and at the same time a natural BHA which refines skin texture. So far, I don’t see my skin acting out differently.

Lastly is the Tiam My Signature Vitamin B5 Toner* from Cosmetics Jolse, which is one of the leading online beauty stores that houses all Korean skincare and cosmetic products. I love how it easily soak into my skin and leaves my face refreshed and relaxed. And it really feels light on the skin, too. I suggest using a cotton pad rather than cotton balls as it dries out easily and would prevent you from wasting good product.

What beauty products are you currently trialling?

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links.