Living in a Southeast Asian country, I am no stranger in the growing fascination of my fellow people with whitening products; from whitening soaps to creams and even in the form of pills. I, on the other hand, never really took part of that fascination. I’ve always loved and embraced the colour of my skin. But that doesn’t mean I will shy away from these products.

Aside from the fact that these products can promise you skin whitening in regular use, they actually have great benefits. Or so I’ve heard. I just started using whitening products not because I want to be white but because I aim to even my skin tone. It’s been one of the few things that irritate me since I’ve come to give more importance on how my skin look. And I’m pretty confident to say that most of you out there are really having troubles with discolouration and more. It is actually something we can’t stop from happening but we surely can prevent it.

I’ve read in articles that using whitening products can completely change the game for us. We may not notice it but our skin surely takes a lot of stress from all sorts of elements every day. And we may think that less exposure to the sun can’t do any harm but we’re actually wrong. Even the smallest amount of exposure can completely cause damage.

whitening soaps

Redness, fine lines, pigmentation, discolouration and sunspots are the skin problems almost all of us faces. And there are hundreds of whitening products out there that says they can help us. But one should really be careful because a wrong purchase can cause even more damage.

I am lucky enough to have found my first whitening products that suit my needs and skin type.

Recently, I received two whitening soaps from a local brand called My Bare Skin Specialist. They are actually the first local brand that I’m working with. I’m actually planning on featuring as many local brands as possible just to show support for my fellow Filipinos. But regardless of this, all my thoughts will still be 100% unbiased.

This local brand handcrafts organic products; soap, creams, lotions, and even liquid lipsticks. My first reaction upon receiving these soaps was pure excitement. It’s probably because they remind me a little of lush soaps which produce soaps in all kinds of forms and colours, too.

whitening soaps

organic whitening soaps

This Bleaching Perfect Soap is my favourite of the two. Apart from the good scent it has, the formula is totally consistent. It actually has all the right ingredients; from its bleaching action to essential fatty acids, and the famous vitamin A. Vitamin A actually helps the skin to regenerate back to its flawless, youthful self. So, this soap is also perfect for those who have problems with stretch marks, bruise, scars, and discoloration.

I’ve been using this soap for about a week now and so far, my skin is not acting up, yet, which is a good sign. I am definitely not expecting to see fast results in terms of skin lightening since it only has been a week. So, I’m giving it a month or two.

Compared to the other soap it went with, this one doesn’t crumble or break nor does it dissolve easily. I actually don’t need to lather my skin too much with this because it suds so much.

And have I mentioned that it smells amazing? Too bad it doesn’t stay too long on the skin.

organic whitening soaps

This one is their Rose Hip Soap or their signature artisan soap. Artisan soaps are actually handcrafted, plant based soaps. So, yes, they are 100% made of natural ingredients and balanced oils and fats. These oils and fats are the reason they can be/are bubbly. Not artificial preservatives, filler nor synthetic lathering agents.

Also, I’ve learned that Rose hip has proven many times that it can reduce any sign of pigmentation, works on fine lines, wrinkles and any natural marks. But apart from those, this soap also contains vitamins C which is perfect for moisturizing our skin.

This soap actually has two parts. The top part is the crumbly one and the bottom part is the solid, smooth and bubbly one. I noticed that in terms of consistency, this soap lacks it just a little. Only for the reason that when I started using it, it broke into two, I have the rough top part and smooth bottom part. But apart from that, it works well.

The amazing scent sticks a little longer on the skin and it has that drying feeling but doesn’t really dries your skin. Does that make any sense? All I can say is, it deeply moisturizes my skin and is perfect for sensitive skin, too. You can also use this on the face for when you have acne or blackheads.

All in all, I am loving these soaps because they are organic and can do no harm to my skin. If you guys are interested and would love to know more, you may visit them on Instagram. They also have their own website, My Bare Skin Ph.

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