How To Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips

Since the weather is a lot crazier now that we have typhoons coming (more raining), my lips are definitely at their worst. I’ve noticed that my lips are twice as dry and flaky these past few weeks. That’s why I’ve been religiously trying out tips and tricks to say goodbye to my chapped lips. And below are just some ways that I’ve tried (or still trying) to cure my chapped lips.

Use Lip Balms

I used to use tinted lip balms when I was younger but then I noticed that it didn’t do any good for my lips. It actually makes things worse so I had to stop and switch to something less tinted and more moisturizing. Chapstick and Burt’s Bees are the only lip balms that I trust the most. They are the only lip balms that actually prevent my lips from cracking during the cold, rainy days.

I’ve also tried a Korean Honey Lip Treatment called Saemmul that works great for me. I just apply it the same way I do with a Petroleum Jelly.

Don’t Peel The Skin

This the habit that I am trying my best to grow out of because trust me, it ain’t pretty, honey. I know that most of us are guilty of this and we really need to stop. Or at least try to. Not only does it not do any good for our lips but it can also make things worst. We can over peel that could lead to more damage (by that I mean, bleeding and cuts). So, it is better (and safe) to just apply lip treatments to help it heal.

Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub with Honey

lip scrub

Honey is rich in minerals and vitamins that help heal wounds. That’s why it is no wonder that it’s been in almost everyone’s beauty secret for years now. Combining honey with coconut oil and sugar creates a perfect exfoliator that helps removes dead skin cells and, smoothens and moisturize your skin especially your lips.

Also, you may create your own homemade lip scrub like I did without spending a dime. All ingredients are present in any household.  So, no worries

Brush With Toothbrush

This one is also a simple trick/hack I’ve learned way back in high school. If you have no time to get all messy with Diy Lip Scrubs, you may always exfoliate using your own toothbrush. Gently brush your lips before or after brushing your teeth to exfoliate. It’s basically hitting two birds with one stone, right?

Vitamin E

Aside from ingesting Vitamin E, you may also use it to moisturize and heal your lips. Just open a capsule and dab a small amount of gel on your lips especially on the areas that need it the most. This is a great remedy for painful cracks.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

say goodbye to chapped lips

Before I even came up with an idea of making my scrub, I’ve been putting all my trust to Petroleum Jelly. It is the single thing my mom recommends whenever I get dry, flaky lips. And true to her word, it does give my lips added moisture. Plus, it doesn’t have chemicals that lip balms in the market have. That’s why it’s been part of my day and night-time routine for years now. But since my dry lips worsened, I don’t use it alone anymore. I now use it after scrubbing my lips for a better result.

Buy Natural Lip Products

I believe this is the second best way to prevent our lips from cracking. Because in all honesty, most lip balms in the market are just there to look pretty on the shelves and contain high amounts of chemicals that just worsen our lip problems. So, if you can opt for natural or organic lip products, that would be better.

Drink Lots (and lots) Of Water

If we are properly hydrated then there is a little chance to get dry lips. Plus, drinking plenty of water doesn’t just have lip benefits. Not only are you keeping your lips smooth but yourself healthy.


Any helpful tips for dry lips that you wish for me to try?


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