Self-Love on  a Lazy Weekend

Ever since I started my new job, I feel like I’m always drained to the core. I usually get up really early for work and get back quite late that it’s been impossible to do anything but sleep. So, weekends are the only days I could completely tag as my “self-love” days. But like I said, I’m always exhausted that it goes on through the weekend. Basically, I always end up wasting my precious “me-time” just laying around and cuddling my pillows til dawn (kidding). That’s why I’ve decided to make sure that these things will not happen anymore. I mean, laying down for a few minutes is alright but for hours? I don’t think so.

I’m actually writing this on a cozy Sunday and thinking, “you better be productive and post this today”. So, I put on a music (Your Favourite Coffeehouse on Spotify) and locked the door because I’m really serious about this. I mean, I already wasted my Saturday.

Anyway, what exactly is my to-do list here? I want to write down self-love activities that we all can do on a weekend (not just Sundays) and I’m gonna put little dots next to them. Why? So, we can keep track, silly.

Garden | It came out quite shocking for me, too. I mean, I’ve never done anything in my whole life. Except for that science project that we had to plant a bean sprout. But my mom did that, so yeah. Anyhoo, I guess the idea came out because there are no flowers in our garden anymore. My grandma used to garden a lot but then she got ill, so, bye-bye flowers. And I’ve always wanted to try it for myself but never had the chance to.  So, last week, when I was out grocery shopping with my dad, I thought of picking out a few flower seeds. Besides, not only will I make our garden more beautiful but it will surely give me that calming vibe. It’s pretty much like adopting a dog but without the whole slobbery mess.

Dance | At least for a whole song. You really don’t have to be good at it, all you have to do is enjoy and have fun. Who cares if you’re flailing or flopping your arms around, it’s not like someone is watching. If you think the beat is good then just wiggle that bum, honey. Plus, you’re technically exercising, too (right?). And just a tip, try doing it in front of a mirror, it gets twice as fun.

Read a book | It can be any book you like. I’ve been trying to crack a new book every other weekend so I could still be on track. It’s been my favourite activity of all time. I love being transported into a whole new world and playing out these different characters. Reading surely is a different kind of leisure that most of us should incorporate into our daily activities. I’m currently finishing Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number and it’s been amazing. I’ll  probably write a post about it soon.

Paint your nails | I got the idea from my favourite youtuber, Cosmobyhaley, who shared that it’s quite relaxing to do. I’m not a big fan of doing my own nails probably because it gets messy but I’m learning. And I do get the feeling of relaxation just beautifying a small part of our body. I usually go for something neutral like tan or nude but I’m thinking it’s time to try something fun. Yellow or blue, maybe?

Take a new selfie | Do I really have to remind any one of you to do this? I’m pretty sure it’s been done multiple times. But just for the sake of those who haven’t, go for it, girlfriend. There’s just something enjoying whenever I take a few shots (hundreds, actually) especially when there’s a perfect lighting, and my hair and skin are on point.

Make a coffee | I believe that almost the whole population here on earth would agree that coffee makes everything better. I’m not a coffee-drinker (don’t get mad) but I sure am a coffee-sniffer. Okay, that came out wrong. What I mean is, I love the smell of coffee. It actually makes my heart flutter (if that makes sense). And for those who have their eyebrows raised on my previous statement, let me just clear everything out. I’m somewhat allergic to coffee. It’s not good for my tummy, unfortunately.

Walk in the park | This is one thing I want to make official for the rest of my life. I adore parks especially smelling a whiff of fresh air and freshly cut grass. And c’mon, we can totally do almost everything and anything in the park. I love riding a bike and playing badminton with my brothers. It’s just so much fun especially buying fresh coconut juice after getting sweaty.

Watch an episode of Friends | or any tv show you like but I prefer Friends. No questions asked.

Light some candles and Burn some natural oil | This has been my current obsession. It’s totally relaxing and calming especially when you put good music in the background. It’s hands down the best. But to make the experience even more worth it, you can buy a diffuser. It saves more money compared to burning the oil which only takes seconds. How? You save more essential oils.

Get a massage | I am totally in need of this. I think the last time I had one was months ago and I wasn’t even that stressed before. I actually want to make this official, too and have this monthly or every other month.

Cook or Dine Out | For those who like to get messy in the kitchen, this is one is for you (cook part, I mean). You can make or try new recipes every week. I’m pretty sure you’ll not make yourself happy but the people you live with, too. But for people like me (who is not a fan of cooking), we can totally make this weekend or some other weekends to explore and discover new places to dine.

Hang out w/a friend | It’s always nice to catch up and be surrounded by friends.

Sing | and just belt out that Beyonce song. Or maybe that Sam Smith song. I mean, have you heard Too Good at Goodbyes? I’m obsessed.

Write in a journal | This is actually making a huge comeback in my life. I was pretty consistent with this until later I made my beau my official living diary. It’s actually relaxing and therapeutic just writing anything in your mind. It’s somehow like meditating but with your eyes open and your hand moving.

I hope you guys will join me in making every weekend worth it. Happy Weekend!