Skincare Night Essentials ft. The Body Shop

For someone with slightly sensitive, acne-prone and oily-skinned like me, playing around with skincare products can be quite daunting because you really have to consider a very important fact here – that it might cause serious skin irritation or worsen the problem. But as daunting as it can be, you really have to scour in order for you to find that right product that will actually work for you or else, you’re gonna be stuck. I know that it can be quite tricky because the price tags of these skincare products are no joke (I know, girlfriend)plus that itchy feeling that you really want to have that good skin but with what I’ve experienced, it’s worth it. 

I think I’ve mentioned The Body Shop quite numerous times here in my blog whenever I talk about my skincare routine. And I believe that most of you are getting sick of it already (kidding!) and but just bear with me. It’s not like everyday I find a product that’s cruelty-free, cheap and does it’s job based on that little paper at the back of the bottle. So, I guess what I’m saying is, it deserves the spotlight. Not to mention, my skincare products are not that much and I’m quite the person who stick to a product more often than not. 

Sooo, let’s jump in and talk about my Skincare Night Essentials ft. The Body Shop.

The bod shop

Whatever you say, Tea Tree Oil is still hands down my favourite go-to pimple-healer (is that even a word?) of all time. I’ve probably raved about and recommended it a million times (like in this one here and another one here)but it just deserves it. Its effectivity is amazing. And one of my favourite Tea Tree Oil is one right here. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is actually the one that taught me that there is a benefit in incorporating oil in your skincare regime especially when you’re having that bad skin day. What I really love about it is that it doesn’t sit on top of your face. It actually sinks into your pores and does its magic. It’s soothing, does not dry out your skin and has those anti-bacterial properties.

Tip: I’ve actually used it as a Pimple Patch (and it always works wonders). What I just do is I add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil on a small cotton ball or pad and cover the pimple with it. I leave it until the cotton ball dries up and the pimple gently absorbs the oil. I usually do this in the evening right before I sleep (or sometimes sleep with it on my face). You may do this as needed or depending on the severity. For me, it only takes 12-24 hours to take effect. Just a side note, don’t put it directly to an open wound or pimple (you know when the puss is gone and it left that small hole?) because it’ll sting badly.

Another tip: If you’re unsure whether this product will work for you and you don’t want to spend money, you can actually ask the staff for a sample product. Through that, you can test it at home before you make that big purchase (wink).

I’ve said it before but I’m saying it again The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion is hands down a must-have. This product totally reduced all signs of blemishes on my skin faster than any product I’ve tried. And I really like how it comes in a pump rather than a squeezed-in bottle. I think it helps in making sure you’re getting just enough product for the skin, no spills and/or excess. And it’s the perfect partner for that Tea Tree Oil, too.

In the years of looking for that right skincare product, my only takeaway from that experience is you really have to endure the fear of taking a risk because as the saying goes, “You’ll never know unless you try”. I know that it can be quite intimidating or overwhelming as there is so much that you can check out and a lot of people recommending this and that but what’s important is that you know you. You know what your skin needs and that’s what you only need to think of. And also, it doesn’t hurt to do some research, too.

What are your skincare essentials?

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