Leegeehaam Cosmetics is a Korean brand that I’ve been (silently) eyeing for so long and is now my current skincare obsession. It’s one of the many brands that I got so excited to work on as it’s been making rounds in the social media for quite some time now. It has different signature brand lines that target various, specific skincare concerns and lifestyles. And since it’s a brand that I deeply admire and love, I couldn’t contain my happiness when Style Korean Global, one of the top online shops that carry all Korean skincare and cosmetic brands sent some of their products under their signature “Grow” line that has skin-friendly ingredients derived from nature.


The moment I received the *Grow Hyal B5 Toner, I already knew that it would be somewhat like the Tiam My Signature Vita B5 Toner in terms of what it claims to contribute to the skin.

And I was right.

But I just have to point out how I like the fact that this bottle comes with a pump. I think that it fits well with the thick formulation of this product. It somehow prevents the customer from wasting a good amount of product upon every application.

Anyhow, this is a hydration replenish toner which is formulated with hyaluronic acid which moisturises dehydrated or dry skin. As an oily-skinned gal, I haven’t seen much difference YET in my two weeks of regular usage. Unlike other thickly-formulated toners, this one sits on top of my skin and almost feels lightweight, too. I don’t feel as if it sinks deep into my pores as much and as it should be. If I were to compare it with Tiam (as they are quite similar), I’d definitely pick Tiam.


Next in this line is the *Grow Vita Propolis Ampoule. if there’s one product out of the three that surprised me the most, it’s this darling right here. It’s something that is a complete MUST to incorporate in your skincare routine that even I didn’t realise until I was able to use it.

It used to frustrate me how slightly tacky it feels on the skin but as I gently pat it on the face, the skin slowly absorbs it, leaving me feeling well-nourished and hydrated. It’s an everyday serum that is supercharged with 50% propolis extract. This extract is an ingredient that you need to find in products that claim to lessen the appearance of blemishes.

This ingredient is commonly used for its amazing anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which is great for wound healing, revitalisation of dull complexion and smoothening the top layers of the skin.

In terms of fragrance, it barely has that. It has the same slimey, slightly thicker texture as the Hyal B5 Toner and it may put you off at first. But all you have to do is slowly rub your fingers together and let that thick liquid gently breaks and turns watery before patting all over the skin.

This is perfect for dry skin as it will give your face an instant natural glow and hydration. But for someone with an oily skin like me, I suggest bumping it to nighttime to worry less on the unnecessary shine.


This *Grow Matcha Clay Pack just became my go-to clay pack whenever I feel like pampering myself from a long day work. I love the nice herbal/citrusy scent because it sort of relaxes me and calms my nerves. I’d admit that I was expecting it to smell more like a Matcha Tea.

It is formulated with Matcha (from Jeju Island) and lifts away impurities and deeply cleanses clogged pores. I love how tight and nourished my skin feels after 10 minutes of just letting the clay sit on my face before washing.

Unlike my Dead Sea Mud Mask, this one, in particular, has a nice, smooth texture, no tiny particle that scratches your face which makes it easier for you to apply the clay evenly on the face.

Note that you may need to move a little quicker in applying and spreading the product as it dries out quickly.

Would I recommend these products?

It’s definitely a little pricey but it’s worth the try especially if you have normal, combination or dry skin. But again, if you’re on the oily side, I suggest looking for a different product in their signature line that may best suit you.

Which products are you testing out?