If there’s one thing I kinda hate/love with being a beauty blogger, it’s testing out new products. Don’t get me wrong, I actually feel pretty excited getting and buying new products but I always  fear what it could and would do to my skin. Being the kind of gal who struggled for a long time with pimples and scarring due to hormones and wrong products, you really can’t blame me. So, switching up from my usual Thayers Alcohol Free Toner in Lavender to Tiam My Signature Vitamin B5 Toner* was terrifying for me at first. So many things were running through my mind and I was prepared for the worst. But I was stand corrected.


It’s a balancing toner with low ph for a more hydrated, glowier and healthier skin. And will definitely not dry out or irritate your skin as it is alcohol-free. I also like that it suits all skin types, so you don’t have to worry that much. But in case you’re wondering, I’m on the oily side.

Note: I like the packaging, it’s so minimalist. It kinda reminds me of Son & Park. This is also one of the many things why I like Korean skincare products. Their packaging is not too much but you wouldn’t think that it isn’t well thought of.

In terms of fragrance, it doesn’t have that. You can actually compare it to a snail slime but a little less toned down on the sliminess as it is quite slippery in texture. But it’s a really small factor that I completely disregarded when it touched my face. I actually had an impression that it would only sit on top of my face but I was dead wrong. It sink into my skin after ten to fifteen seconds of application but at the same time, leaves my skin all dewy and glowy without being tacky at all.

Another note: It’s best to use a cotton pad rather than a ball as it would only absorb the product. Pads will give you more freedom to apply the product evenly on the skin. Or you can also use your hands and lightly tap it on your skin. Just make sure to let your skin absorb it before applying your serums or moisturizers.

This toner may look plain at first sight but it will exceed your expectations. I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now and I can definitely tell that my skin’s complexion improved a little. I’m still going to give it more time to fully see its capabilities but so far, I like it.

Would I recommend it?

It’s definitely worth the try. It won’t break the bank and for someone who has a slightly sensitive skin (meaning I breakout easily), it worked out well.

Which toner are you currently trialing?

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links.