Despite my recent disappointment with the NYX Avant Pop Nouveau Chic Palette, I still couldn’t help but treat myself a little (yet another) NYX product. I scored this little guy here for 50% off at one of its few huge online sales. And since baked blushes are currently one of the many makeup products that are enticing me, I thought the NYX Baked Blush in Full on Femme is a good start (or so I thought).

The nice sleek black with a tiny ribbon packaging is definitely aesthetically pleasing, perfect for a good makeup flatlay and maybe, just maybe, the sole reason I purchased it in the first place. The moment I saw the product I thought to myself, “this might turn out really pretty on my skin” like it would give me a nice, soft, natural glow on the cheeks.

NYX baked blush

It is labelled as a baked blush, illuminator and bronzer all in one product. So, you could tell that I was expecting a lot. But upon the first swipe, I got confused. It was completely dry (obviously). But the product is too sheer and barely noticeable on my fingers.  I even dared to push my fingers really hard on it to get some product and it sorta worked.

It was quite frustrating that I wasn’t able to get a good swatch on it and maybe teared up a little because I wanted it to swatch well so bad. I tried using a brush and even sprayed a little primer on it just to see if it would work wet but it didn’t. But I’m not entirely losing hope because I read a few reviews and they did say that it worked for them so maybe I just need to be a little patient or I was doing something wrong.

Moreover, it is not something I would recommend at the moment or even repurchased myself. But this product doesn’t completely tarnish my likes for NYX products (I’m talking about liquid lipsticks).

What baked blushes do you recommend?

NYX baked blush

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