Unboxing: Glamourbox x Pixi by Petra

When this Glamourbox package arrived at my doorstep I couldn’t contain my excitement and start playing around with it. I’ve always been curious about subscription boxes but can’t seem to find anything as promising as the ones I’ve been seeing from Youtubers, and this is the closest that I could get. Glamourbox used to have their own subscription boxes but later stopped and started selling curated boxes instead. And these boxes aren’t always available much to my dismay but good thing I was able to snag their latest #MakeuptoWakeup featuring Pixi by Petra.

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some Pixi products (uh, cruelty-free, guys!)  but couldn’t find an online seller that sells it without putting too much percentage on top of the real price. So, I’d like to say that this comes in a really good time for me.

The Mesmerizing Mineral Palette was the first thing that caught my attention. To be frank, I was really looking forward to getting an eyeshadow palette in the box. I knew that I would be able to use eyeshadow palettes more often than any other makeup products (well aside from a good primer). This palette comes in six, warm, natural shades (with two of it having shimmer) with a double-ended sponge applicator all placed in a compact, transparent package that is perfect for guys and gals on the go. Really, it’s travel-friendly.

I was able to use it for the first time on my trip to Singapore last month and couldn’t be more proud of how little space it needed in my bag. And since I went there during summer-time, I was leaning more towards on light, natural makeup looks that is easy to apply. I wouldn’t want to put on a full face makeup and have it run down my face when it gets too hot, right?

The shades aren’t anything special and I was really expecting that they’d be more pigmented. I get a lot of product from swiping my fingers on the shades but when I would apply it, it is barely noticeable. So, it kinda takes time to build the product on your lids.  But there are minimal fallouts even for the darkest shade which is a good thing. Although it isn’t the black that I would love to play with,  it’s still pretty. And I wasn’t entirely disappointed because it still lived up to the fact that it’s for natural, “barely there”, makeup looks. And I really liked the shimmers because I am able to apply it on top of the matte ones for a more enhanced, fresh eye looks.

pixi by petra

There is something about primers that makes me so happy when purchasing or getting them. So, when I saw the Mini Flawless & Poreless Primer, I got all giddy (even though it’s only 12ml).  It’s probably because I love experimenting with primers and seeing which ones can actually lessen the visibility of my pores, and help prolong my makeup throughout the day. This bottle actually feels like it’s packed with so much product (or maybe it’s just the quality of the bottle, can’t say) because it didn’t let out air on the first squeeze.

The primer has willow bark extract for natural shine control, salicylic acid to reduce the appearance of pores long-term, oil-free, hypoallergenic (yay!) and (it feels kinda) hydrating on the face too. Also, I like that it isn’t in silica form but rather comes in a smooth, beige shade that doesn’t even tint your face. For an oily (sometimes combination) skin type, I can tell that it does mattify my face a little. And with a good setting spray, the makeup stays in place even under the scorching heat.

Next in the box is the Cat Eye Ink Intense Black.  I gotta tell you, I’m no fan of eyeliners. Okay, let me rephrase that. I’m not a fan of applying eyeliners because it’s like a maze for me (can’t figure it out!) but I love and want to have it in my eyes. Does that make any sense? Anyway, as much as I wanted to be excited about this, I don’t typically use eyeliners unless I’m going somewhere fancy that may need a bold eye look. But I still appreciated the fact that it is included in the box. It could give me more reasons to continue practising.

This product has a slanted tip that reminds me of a thinner version of a Sharpie. It’s supposed to help make a more precise cat eye but in my experience, I’d give this up over the feather-type tips. It’s quite difficult to work on because you have to rotate the eyeliner a little to connect lines on your entire upper lash line. I know that I sound a little lazy but if you’re a non-expert like me, you’d want a more helpful tip, right?

It’s not highly pigmented as it promised to be and it feels too wet or runny upon application (or is it just me?). But it sure is a little waterproof but I wouldn’t bet easily that it would last for 12-hours.

The Lip Contour Liner was the last product in the box. I got it in soft nude and I was, again, happy because of the shade. I always go for nude or light rosy lipstick so, getting this liner is perfect. It comes in a twist-up pencil so, no need to sharpen it but I guess pencil ones that you sharpen have more products in them compared to these.

It’s soft, smooth like a feather and creamy on the lips. And it has a nice tip to help you line your lips perfectly without worrying that you’re putting too much.

Pixi by Petra gives me the impression that its products are for enhancing your beautiful features rather than hiding them. I’m pretty excited to add more Pixi products in my collection especially the skincare ones like Pixi Rose Oil BlendPixi Vitamin Wakeup MistPixi Glow Tonic and Pixi Peel & Polish.

Do you have an Pixi favourites?


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