What in the world is Thayer’s?

Imagine a teenager who lives by her allowance every week, just starting her adolescent journey, face half full of pimples and blackheads, with no other option but to spend her entire savings on skincare products that are waaaay over her budget. Sad right?

I remember before when I hear about skincare products, I immediately think that no product that is inexpensive is effective. Didn’t you think that way? We always used to assume that all expensive, well-known skincare brands are the only ones that would work on all skin types and all skin-related problems. Not to mention, these brands/products are way more talked about in the beauty world, hence, the thinking that nothing will ever beat them (as well as fewer options) and so, we settle to either break the budget or shy away from the idea of doing skincare at all. But lo and behold, the world flipped and the game changed. More bloggers/influencers noticed other brands aside from the usual ones and dang was I happy. When this happened the brand Thayer’s emerged and everyone went gaga over this “under 10 bucks” toner. It suddenly became the “Holy Grail” of almost everyone including artists and celebrities.

But what in the world is Thayer’s?


Thayer’s Original Face Toner is an Alcohol-free Witch Hazel Toner with a natural Witch Hazel fragrance. Witch Hazel is one great ingredient that should be present in your toners as it helps tighten pores and to smooth and beautify your skin without drying it out.

Honestly, back in my teens, I always thought that toners are meant to sting. I had this thinking that the more it sting, the more bacteria, and germs it’s killing, and the more drying it feels the better as I thought it somehow dries out pimples as well. But I was wrong. It was actually worsening my skin. And I guess that’s common thinking for people like me who has oily, most of the time breaking out, kinda skin. I’m just really glad that I was able to visit a friendly dermatologist that actually explained everything to me and how alcohol in toners dries out and harms your skin.


I bought my first bottle back in 2018 and haven’t looked at anything else since then. I did notice that my skin looks healthier and I don’t break out anymore (unless I eat too much junk or sleep pretty late). Normally, my skin purges when I switch up my products but not to Thayer’s. I guess it knew that I’m putting a good one this time. You may use it anytime as a softening refresher. I now use it at nighttime asI’m currently testing a new product.

I’m not saying that this toner will magically zap all your skin impurities (it’s not magic toner) but it’ll surely balance your Ph, refreshes and moisturizes your skin. Just because your oily doesn’t mean you can’t moisturize anymore, honey. And for 355 ml, it surely goes a long way.

What else to love? Well, because this toner is 100% natural, it’s not only alcohol-free but also Paraben, Gluten, and Phthalate-Free! Not to mention, Cruelty-free, too!

I’m down to my third bottle and am currently thinking of switching to their Astringent as it is more compatible with my skin type. Their Astringents are alcohol-based and are more suited to those with oily & acne-prone skin to further help control oil production and acne-causing bacteria.  I will only use it to control my oils though.

Is it worth it? Did I not rave enough? For the quality it offers and the price tag, it surely is worth every penny. Check out their other products as well.

Have you tried Thayer’s toner?

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