This is my little peace offering for bailing out on you all for days now. I’ve been quite holed up in my own little world for a while now especially that it’s rainy season. Sort of. It gets a little wet sometimes but since there’s been weather mixed up due to climate change, it still kinda feels like summer. Nonetheless, I’ve been doing the “rainy-feels ritual” at home and thought of sharing it with you guys, and maybe give you some new things to do, too. Wink.


I just finished reading Wonder by RJ Palacio and let me tell you, it’s a must-read! It’s not something you can relate to but it sure is something you can learn from. The book is actually being adapted into a movie and I am just so excited.

Another book that I’ve been reading (and trying to finish) is One Hundred Names by Cecilia Ahern. It’s not entirely a must-read but it’s a story that will teach you to find importance and beauty in something ordinary. I’m actually having a hard time finishing it because I felt like the story is too slow for me. So, I’ve switched to rereading an all time favourite, Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. It’s one of the books I pick up when I want something light and funny, and at the same time, has sense and lesson in it.


Friends have always been on repeat in our household for years now. It has been the tv show that I hit rewind over and over again whenever I feel like chilling and just wants a nice good ‘ol laugh. And it really never gets old for me. I already felt like I wrote the script because of how I know every word and scene before it even comes on.

And while writing this, it’s playing in the background. I guess you can say I have huge Friends fever.

tv shows

But while I’m waiting for the second season of  This Is Us (I’m a huge fan, btw.), I’ve been really engrossed with Girl Boss and Quantico. I know that these three are somewhat different from each other but they just really have this special place in my heart.

The first time I watched This Is Us was out of curiosity and from there I was hooked. I’m not the kind of fan who sobs while watching it but damn, the feels. Oh the feels! It’s the kind of family drama that you just can’t get enough. I mean, almost everyone can’t get enough of it!

Then Girl Boss is the show that I started watching just because I wanted to feel like I’m not the only one who wants to leave her day job and do something she is really passionate about. It’s really inspiring and motivating, and I just love it. The story was on point and it made me relate to it back when I was just starting out with my business and website.

And Quantico, on the other hand, is the show I’m currently watching. I really am a huge fan of mystery/thriller/action series ever since I started watching CSI and The Closer. Also, I love Priyanka Chopra who plays the badass main character. What I really love about this show is that it’s breaking stereotypes in so many levels.


Since I’ve mentioned that it’s rainy season here, I’ve been listening to an all-time fave playlist; Your Favourite Coffeehouse. It’s my favourite Spotify playlist because of how good it makes me feel inside. It is basically perfect for the rainy weather when you just want to cuddle up and enjoy the cozy, cold atmosphere. In my opinion, this playlist can change your mood from being bad to calm and relax in no time.

Most of the songs are cover and acoustic songs. So, they are pretty pleasant and soft to listen to. I usually play them at night too, when I want to be lulled to sleep. This or some of my Jazz Playlists which I just love by the way. I’ve been obsessed with Jazz music for a long time now. I love how it transports me to 1920s. Listening to jazz makes me feel like being in an underground pub, wearing sparkly dresses and dancing the night away. It’s just so fun and sultry, and I hate that not everyone enjoys it as much as they did way back.

Also, I’ve been listening to a few Ted Talks. Everybody seems to be gushing about it so I googled it and I came to like it a lot. I enjoy the wide range of topics discussed and how they manage to keep it short yet still holds the major key points. Right now, I’m into topics about Happiness and Relationships, and I’ve really learned a lot. Downloading the app actually helped because I am able to save my favourite videos. So, thumbs up.

So, what have you been up to lately?

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