What’s On My Reading List

Recently, one of the biggest book bazaars happened for the first time and I was able to snatch myself really nice books for 80% off. The bazaar couldn’t be perfectly timed because I’ve been really looking for good titles to add to my not-so-short reading list. I can’t explain the pure excitement I had felt just being surrounded by one of the things I love at such cheap price. Also, I’ve really missed just snuggling up in bed and reading a good book. This is something I haven’t done in such a long time that I really should do more often. It’s just that, there was not enough time to really crack a book and finish it the way I used to. But lo and behold, I’m currently hooked on something really awesome and I cannot wait to tell you guys my thoughts about it soon. I guess, there’s something about book hauls that made me more inspired than ever to have some time to read.

First on the list is my current addiction, Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. I gotta tell you, purchasing it wasn’t planned at all. It wasn’t on my mind when I went to the bazaar but I’ve always been curious by the number of good insights I saw before on Goodreads. But it wasn’t enough to really make it on my priority list if you know what I mean. When I saw it at the bazaar, hiding under the stacks of books, the first thing I thought was, “I could resell this”. Though the moment I cracked it open, I was hooked. I love the plot, it just makes me want to read it more and more. Actually, I’m almost done with it and will soon start the sequel, The Wicked Will Rise. This book is something you want to pick up when you want to be transported into the world of magic and adventure with a little hint of tragedy.

I already have an ebook copy of Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang but wasn’t able to read it as I’d like to. But now that I have a physical copy, I’m pretty excited. It has a promising plot that would surely leave me reflecting on my life after reading it.

Another on the whim purchase of mine was The Language Of Stars by Louise Hawes. Aside from the enticing and gorgeous book cover, it has a really nice story to offer. I feel like this will be one of those books I’ll pick up whenever I get tired of all the drama and romance and wants something fresh and meaningful. And the word, poetry, really got me hooked right away.

Last but definitely not the least, Slasher Girls and Monster Boys. I love, love, love a good thriller/horror book. I adore anything that will give me all the creeps on every page. If you guys are fans of Stephen King then this is your book. It’s consisted of different stories written by different authors so you basically get tons of scares here. A really nice read before going to bed.

What books have you been reading lately?