Why You Should Add Rose Water In Your Beauty Regime

I recently just emptied the skincare products I use that my Dermatologist gave to me. So, I have decided to explore the market and look for lot better options. I guess this newfound courage to try other products emerged because of how good my skin feels right now. The face toner was the first product that got empty. I wasn’t really in the mood nor do I have time to book an appointment with my doctor just because of a toner. Also, I’ve been wanting to get a different product just to see if I could get faster results.

And so, I went to a Japanese store near our place but not for the purpose of buying a toner. I was actually just going to buy a makeup remover. But, plans changed and I got caught up with all sorts of products that I suddenly got two products in my shopping bag.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only woman with the experience (wink).

Anyway, I came across this face toner as I was looking for the makeup remover (and maybe something else). What immediately caught my attention was how pretty it looks. I mean, how many face toners have you seen that has real flower petals inside of them? Right? And that it comes in this cute, chubby bottle. I thought to myself, “I have to buy it.”

So, when I learned that it’s a Rose water facial toner I got excited. I’ve always wanted to try Rose water. I mean, Rose water has been known for decades after decades for being one of the best natural beauty products in the world. Cleopatra had this in her beauty regime.

Rose water actually has tons of benefits and it is good for all skin types. It has astringent properties that help tone and clean pores. It also controls excess oils in the face (Yay for me), reduces skin problems like acne, redness, scars, wrinkles and fine lines, and it has antioxidant properties that help strengthen our skin cells. But most importantly, it is perfect for hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

face tonerrose water

You can actually make your own Rose water but if you’re like me who have limited to no access to roses (or any flowers), this one is a good bargain. It didn’t even make much of a dent in my pocket since it only cost 99 pesos or two bucks. But make sure if you’re on a hunt for Rose water, it is 100% pure.

I’ve been really loving it. I didn’t get any skin irritation or whatsoever. My skin actually feels softer, more hydrated and no sign of oiliness since it is water. I am also thinking of putting a few drops in my moisturizer. Also, the scent really helps a lot. I’ve read that it can really relax your mind and body.

I will definitely be using it more and maybe stick to it for a few months or so. But I’ll be sure to try to make my own soon.

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