I’ve been using this L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation for quite some time but only had the chance to actually sit down and give my full thoughts on this just now. The reason for this is that I didn’t know what to feel about this foundation and I wanted to be completely sure on what to say when I finally share my review, and at the same time, wanted to have fully tested its effectivity.

It specifically caters to oily-skinned gals and pals and promises: 1. to stay up to 24hrs on your face, 2. air-light texture, and 3. demi-matte finish. But before delving into these details, I’d like to break it down first to its features and price point.

I purchased this foundation at the beauty counter for only ₱450 or $8 (on sale!) but it actually retails for ₱700 or $13. It’s a little pricier compared to other drugstore foundations like Maybelline Fit Me and its very own True Match Foundation considering these two comes in a sleek glass bottle, unlike this one that comes in a plastic tube bottle. But the good thing about this bottle is that it’s pretty convenient to travel with. You can just slide it in your makeup pouch w/o fearing of it breaking into tiny pieces.

Does it smell bad? Not really. It smells like foundation (if that makes sense). It’s not as strong as Wet N’ Wild but it’s fainter than Maybelline Fit Me.

I actually noticed that they don’t have much shade range for all skin tones.  But I really like that they have shades with pink and yellow undertone in it which made it a little easier for me. I got the shade Golden Beige and Natural Beige just because I couldn’t seem to decide which one actually matches my skin tone. Golden Beige is a little lighter while Natural Beige is a tiny bit darker for me, so, I just combine them together. Luckily, it doesn’t oxidize (from what I experienced) so, I don’t need to worry whether I’m starting to look gray.

This foundation has a nice creamy texture but can be quite tricky to play with as it sets on the skin a little too quickly than what we wanted and can result in patchiness. The best way to deal with this is to apply on one section of the face first and blend with a beauty sponge rather than a brush.

It’s lightweight and blendable but can be a little cakey on the face when you use too much. And another thing I noticed is that it moves especially when you use a cream product like concealers.

It has a light to medium coverage, really nice for people who wants to achieve a more natural look. But since I have some redness and marks on the face, I feel like this foundation can only cover them lightly. And I have a few dry areas on my face like in between my eyebrows and sides of my nose and large pores, and this foundation has the annoying tendency of emphasizing them. I recommend moisturizing your face (for dry patches) and using the right primer for your skin type. It’s best to use silicone primers, hydrating primers or those that can give a nice dewy/glowy finish as a base just to contrast the demi-matte finish. For someone who has really oily skin, I stopped using matte primers with this foundation as it looks so flat on the skin and kind of makes it difficult for me to blend the foundation.

L'oreal Infallible

L'oreal Infallible

Lastly, does it last all day? In my experience, it can do that but like I’ve mentioned it has a tendency to move and transfer so I don’t think it can stay up to 24hrs. But it all still depends on your makeup routine and what kind of products you use before and after applying this foundation.

Is it still worth the buck? Yes. I definitely recommend it to normal to combination skin with little blemishes to cover. But for someone who shares the same skin issues as me, maybe we can skip this unless you’re not too sensitive with the coverage or lasting effect.

Have you tried this foundation?

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